Sustaining Conflict Resolution Education Conference Highlights featuring Peer Mediation Partners

Apr 26, 2008 by Bill

In this episode we hear highlights from the ACR Education Section conference Sustaining Conflict Resolution Education: Building Bridges to the Future held March 9-11, 2008 in Fairfax, Virginia on the campus of George Mason University. Speakers include Larry Dieringer, Executive Director, Educators for Social Responsibility and Associate Professor Susan Hirsch from the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason. We also hear from Peer Mediation Partners undergraduate interns Rebecca Newman, Roxanne Libby, William Still and Jared Schmidt who describe their work going into middle schools and high schools in their region to support peer mediation across the educational spectrum.

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Link to PMP presentation
Slides from the Peer Mediation Partners workshop
Educators for Social Responsibility
Website of Educators for Social Responsibility
Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
ICAR at George Mason University
Conflict Resolution Education Connection
New web clearinghouse of CRE information and resources.

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