ADR Blogs, CRS on Resolving Racial Conflicts

Aug 12, 2005 by Bill

This podcast reviews some of the emerging crop of conflict resolution blogs and honors the 40th anniversary of the Watts riots with information on the work of the Community Relations Service and an interview excerpt from Silke Hansen, a CRS mediator since 1972.

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ODR Info Blog
A blog exploring online dispute resolution, which feeds news to the main site.
Florida Mediator (blog)
Perry Itkin's blog for court-certified mediators in Florida and beyond.
Online Guide to Mediation (blog)
Diane Levin's blog
Mediation Mensch (blog)
Dina Beach Lynch's blog
National Arbitration Forum Blog
Blog featuring news for arbitrators
Conflict Management and Mediation (blog)
Tom Lutz's blog for the Mediation Training Institute International
Resolving Racial Conflict book
Link to Bertram Levine's book on the history of the CRS.
Civil Rights Mediation Oral History Project
Includes interviews with 19 Community Relations Service mediators.
Racial Conflict Simulation
A civil rights mediation simulation involving a high school halloween party gone bad.

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