Amy Lazarus on the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network

Jun 13, 2011 by Bill

This episode features an interview with Amy Lazarus, Executive Director of the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network. The interview was conducted at the Fourth International Conflict Resolution in Education Summit held in Cleveland Ohio in June of 2011.

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SDCN website
Learn more at the website of the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network.
Diving In - Getting Started Tips
A 2001 campus program startup tips guide written by Teddy Nemeroff and David Tukey
Videos from SDCN students
Hear from some of the students engaged by this project

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CRE in Teacher Education Partner Interviews

Mar 17, 2010 by Bill

This episode features brief interviews with folks working with the Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (CRETE) project. We met at St. Edwards University in Austin March 4-5, 2010. People interviewed include Tricia Jones, Christa Tinari, Clare Salkowski, Loren Weybright, Terri Filbert, Sonya Zumbiel, Pam Lane-Garon, and Carol Lieber-Miller.

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Conflict Resolution Education Resources Website
Website developed by Bill Warters to support the CRETE project.

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Nathan Bedford Forrest School Re-naming Conflict (a Briefing)

Dec 15, 2008 by Student

This podcast was produced by Barbara Jones, a student in the 2008 session of Roots of Social Conflict (DR7100), a course in the Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution Program at Wayne State University. Barbara took our conflict briefing paper assignment and jazzed it up to create an audio version that of necessity covers a complex case in a short time. The case involves a dispute over renaming a High School in Florida that was named after former KKK leader Nathan Bedford Forrest. Listen and learn! BW

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Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution at WSU

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Robert Ackerman Speaks on Astride Two Worlds - Lawyers and Other Professionals in Dispute Resolution

Nov 1, 2008 by Bill

This is a recording of the 4th annual Stanley “Hank” Marx Lecture Series In Dispute Resolution held at Wayne State University. Our speaker this year is the new Dean of Wayne State’s Law School and a longtime advocate for alternative dispute resolution, Robert M. Ackerman. The talk was entitled “Astride Two Worlds: Lawyers and Other Professionals in Dispute Resolution” and featured a distinguished panel of respondents: Sheldon G. Larky, Esq, Howard Lischeron, Executive Director, Wayne Mediation Center and Janice Tracht, LMSW, ACSW, BCD. The event occurred on Monday, October 20, 2008 and was one of the ways that Wayne State University and it’s Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution program celebrated Conflict Resolution Day.

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More Information on the Lecture Series
MADR Program
Link to information on the Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution at WSU

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Engaged Scholarship Seminar

Jun 21, 2008 by Bill

This episode focuses on the 2008 Summer Doctoral Seminar hosted by Wayne State University’s Department of Communication. The theme was “Communication Activism: Engaged Scholarship” and it featured guest scholar Dr. Larry Frey from the University of Colorado. We get to hear from some of the student participants and listen in on an engaging discussion that took place after students returned from a activists’ tour of Detroit. Interviewed participants include Audrey Wagstaff, Brian Ekdale, Janet Donoghue, Karen Greiner, Nadine Yehya, Sarah McGhee and Teemu Kauppi.

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WSU Communication Department Homepage
Wayne State University's Department of Communication was host and sponsor of the seminar.
Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership
Grace Lee Boggs is mentioned by a number of participants after they met her during their Detroit tour.
Dr. Larry Frey's Profile Page
Larry Frey is a professor at the University of Colorado. This links to his profile page.

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