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Main Campus Art Gallery

The art gallery features art of interest to the campus conflict resolution community. Our current "show" goes right to the heart of campus conflict resolution services. In it, we explore the graphic images used to represent conflict resolution programs across North America.

UC Irvine Campus Mediation Program

UC Irvine CMP logo

Humboldt Peacemakers Association

Humboldt Peacemakers

Gavilan College Peer Mediation Service

Gavilan College Peer Mediation

NYU Student Mediation Services

NYU Student Mediation

James Madison University Employee Mediation Service

JMU Employee Mediation

Livingston College (Rutgers University) Mediation Center

Livingston College logo 1
Livingston College Logo 2

Michigan State University Setting Expectations, Resolving Conflict Program

MSU Resolving Conflict Prgm

The University of Texas - Austin
Conflict Resolution Center

UT Austin Con Res Cntr logo

Tulane University Mediation Program

Tulane Univ Mediation Prgm

University of Louisville Student Mediation Program

Louisville Mediation Prgm

Gettysburg College Campus Mediation Program

University of Michigan Student Mediation Service

U Mich Student Mediation logo

MIT's mediation@mit

University of Auckland Mediator's Office - Online

Univ of Auckland Mediators Office logo

SMU Mediation Service

SMU Mediation Logo

Center for Conflict Resolution at Salisbury State University

Center for Conflict Res logo

Student Conflict Resolution Service, University of Colorado Boulder

Student Conflict Resolution Service logo