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Peace Accords Matrix

The Peace Accords Matrix housed at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies is a research tool that provides rich data on the comprehensive peace agreements that have been signed since 1989. Twenty-eight accords are currently available in the matrix, with an additional 9 in the pipeline for release in 2012. The accords have been coded on some 50 different themes enabling researchers to compare cases on topics such as electoral reform, power-sharing, ceasefires, demilitarization, use of peacekeeping forces, etc. The full text of each peace accord is provided, as well as a timeline of important dates and events in the conflict and peace process and information on its implementation. Using an interactive map, you can access information on the duration, levels and effects of violence in conflict hotspots across the globe. The project was inspired and motivated by the late John Darby, former Professor of Comparative Ethnic Studies at the University of Notre Dame. More information on the Peace Accords Matix is available in this 17-page conference paper introducing the project.