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International Council on Human Rights Policy working papers

The International Council on Human Rights Policy (ICHRP) is a “forum for applied research, reflection and forward thinking, grappling with the challenge of translating universal human rights principles into policy realities.” Human Rights is at the root of much social conflict and thinking about and developing principles that can apply across a number of different settings makes good sense. Along these line, a number of ICHRP reports address issues that conflict resolution practitioners may be interested in.

The papers that caught my attention include:

  • Navigating the Dataverse: Privacy, Technology, Human Rights: A Discussion Paper (pdf)
  • Report: Negotiating Justice? Human Rights and Peace Agreements (pdf) - more about this project
  • Report: When Legal Worlds Overlap: Human Rights, State and Non-State Law (pdf) - more about this project
  • Conflict, Media and Human Rights in South Asia (pdf) - more on this topic