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Conflict Scenarios Video Clips

Available Online Videos Include...

  • Mediation at the University of Hawaii
  • Video Clips from WVU Teleconference (circa 1989)
  • Video Clips from Allwyn Hall Skill-Training CD Rom
  • Video Clip from MIT Mediation Training Video "The Bench by the Wall"

Mediating University Workplace Disputes: ADR in Unionized Universities

This 21-minute video introduces viewers to the use of mediation at the University of Hawaii Manoa campus. It follows a sample faculty/staff dispute through the process of mediation, starting with intake and then mediation. Various campus officials endorse the use of mediation on this unionized campus, explaining how mediation fits into the broader dispute resolution system. It was produced by the Program on Conflict Resolution at the University of Hawaii in 2001. Play Video

West Virginia University Teleconference Videos - 1989

In 1989 West Virginia University hosted a teleconference on campus conflict management. The event was facilitated by special guests Janet Rifkin and Howard Gadlin. The entire teleconference was made available on video for a while after the event. However, over time this useful discussion tool became unavailable. Fortunately, with the permission of West Virginia University and some nifty video tape conversion hardware and software, we are pleased to now make part of this video available to you via our web site.

An important part of the presentation was a set of four conflict skits designed to be used as discussion and training tools. Each of these roleplay clips has been digitized - use the links below to play the files.

Note: These files have been digitized from a low-quality video tape.

Fraternity Conflict: Bad Books? Play Video
Roommates in Conflict Play Video
Faculty/Student Conflict: Sexual Harassment? Play Video
Hall Director and an RA: A Racial Conflict? Play Video

Allwyn Hall Video Clips

These clips are from an interactive CD Rom called Allwyn Hall. The CD was developed under a FIPSE grant by the folks at Carnegie Mellon University. Featured here are three video clips of different conflict situations. In the CD the user's goal is to try to be helpful using a three-step problem-solving model that closely resembles mediation. The training process is interactive, and the outcome varies depending on the user's response. An on-screen coach is available to provide an overview of basic skills, and feedback as the process unfolds. The basic scenario puts the viewer in the role of a Resident Assistant.

Roommate Conflict Play Video
Relationship in Conflict Play Video
Group Conflict over Shared Space Play Video

The Bench by the Wall - A Mediation

A video clip from "The Bench by the Wall: a Campus Mediation" (Copyright MIT 2002 - Reproduced with permission) is available for viewing online only.