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Webcast Series on Building a Career in Conflict Resolution

The Program on Negotiation at Harvard sponsored a 3-workshop series of webcasts in 2004 on Building a Career in Conflict Resolution. You can watch and listen in with RealPlayer.

Workshop I
Mapping Your Own Conflict Resolution Career Path
March 8, 2004
What is the range of backgrounds that can lead to a career in conflict resolution? What opportunities are available in the field? Presented by Lecturer Bob Bordone and PON research fellow Andrew Lee. An extensive question and answer period follows as we discuss mapping your own conflict resolution career path.

Workshop II
Getting Your Foot in the Backdoor: Strategies for Building a Career in Conflict Resolution
Monday, April 12, 2004
This workshop features analysts, mediators, and trainers discussing the challenges and opportunities facing people entering conflict resolution careers. They share their insights and strategies for getting through the many “back doors” into the field, and how to move ahead in your own career path.

Workshop III
Strategies for Success as a Conflict Resolution Professional
April 26, 2004
Conflict resolution professionals often have to act as entrepreneurs of their own careers. The presenters of this workshop, two practitioners who have created mediation and training firms, share their insights on creating one*s own career opportunities and their strategies for marketing a service that is unfamiliar to most potential clients.

(Spotted thanks to a link at the Online Guide to Mediation).