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War Beyond The Box -  a Center for Social Media Project

War Beyond The Box is a scan of informal, tactical and ad-hoc uses of communications media in war crisis: February-April 2003. The Internet and digital mediamaking have vastly expanded capacity to express and share opinions and information, without going through mainstream media (Ïthe boxÓ). Categories covered include the following.

Humor: Satire, parody and irony, weapons of the weak in the war of ideas, are zipping around the Web.

Infomediaries: Aggregator sites, both established and ad-hoc, became resources for reversioning.

D.I.Y. media: Doing it yourself has never been easier, or faster. 

Blogs: The blogosphere buzzes with war analysis from all directions.

Viral Activism: Networked communities mobilize at the drop of a posting-whether the project is real or not.

Stunting Meets Networking: The Web turns media stunts into worldwide affairs.

Electronic Samizdat: Forwarding that email may break through media bias—at least senders think so.

Slideshows: Electronic photo galleries are for everybody.

Tactical Radio: Improvised radio goes two-way and to the web.

Tactical Television: Breaking through the barriers to get on TV.

Discussion Boards: Bulletin boards—the internet’s old guard—gather communities of opinion.

Digital On Demand: Streaming and loading go both ways.