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Video of Carrie Menkel-Meadow Lecture on Race, Gender and Culture in ADR

Back in February of 2001 Conflict Resolution scholar and legal theorist Carrie Menkel-Meadow presented a lecture on “Race, Gender & Cultural Issues in ADR” to a Law class at Washington University. A Real Video stream of the lecture is available for viewing online.  It provides an example of one way to start a discussion with students about race, class and gender issues. Menkel-Meadow is a Professor of Law at Georgetown University, and Chair of the Georgetown-CPR Commission on Ethics and Standards in Alternative Dispute Resolution, and formerly was Director of the Center for the Study of Women, at UCLA. She is the author of the book Mediation: Theory, Practice and Policy. Her presentation was part of a series of lectures at Washington University on the theme Access to Justice: The Social Responsibility of Lawyers.