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Theory and Practice of Online Learning - Free Online Book

The Theory and Practice of Online Learning book, developed by editors Terry Anderson and Fathi Elloumi from Athabascau University in Canada provides a very accessible look into what it takes to teach (and learn) online. It is available as a downloadable pdf or for viewing as individual chapters online. I was particularly interested in the chapter on developing Team Projects online… Here’s the book contents:

Part 1 ï Role and Function of Theory in Online Education Development and Delivery
1 ???Foundations of Educational Theory for Online Learning - Mohamed Ally

2 ???Toward a Theory of Online Learning - Terry Anderson

3 ???Value Chain Analysis: A Strategic Approach to Online Learning - Fathi Elloumi

Part 2 ï Infrastructure and Support for Content Development
4 ???Developing an Infrastructure for Online Learning - Alan Davis

5 ???Technologies of Online Learning (e-Learning) - Rory McGreal & Michael Elliott

6 ???Media Characteristics and Online Learning Technology - Patrick J. Fahy

Part 3 ï Design and Development of Online Courses
7 ???The Development of Online Courses - Dean Caplan

8 ???Developing Team Skills and Accomplishing Team Projects Online - Deborah C. Hurst & Janice Thomas

9 ???Copyright Issues in Online Courses: A Moment in Time - Lori-Ann Claerhout

10 ??Value AddedóThe Editor in Design and Development of Online Courses - Jan Thiessen & Vince Ambrock

Part 4 ï Delivery, Quality Control, and Student Support of Online Courses

11 ??Teaching in an Online Learning Context - Terry Anderson

12 ??Call Centers in Distance Education - Andrew Woudstra, Colleen Huber, & Kerri Michalczuk

13 ??Supporting Asynchronous Discussions among Online Learners - Joram Ngwenya, David Annand & Eric Wang

14 ??Library Support for Online Learners: e-Resources, e-Services, and the Human Factors - Kay Johnson, Houda Trabelsi, & Tony Tin

15 ??Supporting the Online Learner - Judith A. Hughes

16 ??The Quality Dilemma in Online Education - Nancy K. Parker