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The Shape of the Future - Documentary on Middle East Conflict Solutions by Search for Common Ground

The Shape of the Future is a four part documentary series produced by Common Ground Productions that portrays what an eventual Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement would look like. The emphasis is not on reliving past hurts, but rather is prospective which makes this a unique documentary effort. The core idea is to examine, in an even-handed way, the aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians and to show that agreements are possible that do not threaten the national existence of either party. In addition to the film transcripts and a viewers guide, a 20-minute excerpt and a music video are available online. image

The series, broadcast simultaneously on Arab, Israeli and Palestinian television stations, explores the background, the various positions, and the options for settlement in each of the disputed final status issues. The programs look at the following three main issues: Jerusalem, Settlements and Palestinian Refugees. It also explores security, normal life and borders. The series was produced in both Hebrew and Arabic-language versions for broadcast in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Editorial content is the same in each version.