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Take Part - A Democracy Game

Take Part - A Democracy Game is a process oriented game which focuses on democracy, negotiation and communication. It was developed by the Danish National Innovative Centre for General Education. In the game the participants become active decision-makers in a fictive world, which consists of Island Councils on four islands,  a Regional Council and a State Council. The setting is that of a developing country and all the problems related to such a context.
Participants have the possibility to influence:
—how they will function as a democratic society
—which values and which rules they want to prioritise
—which interests they wish to pursue
—how they would resolve conflicts which arise
The game can be played off-line in a paper version or online from the website.
The primary target groups are students in the 8th to 10th grade. The online game offers participants the possibility to communicate with each other directly and through a common forum. It is possible for several classes to play the game simultaneously Ò even internationally.