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Special Issue of Academe on “The Conflicted University”

November-December Cover While much of my work has focused on interpersonal and intragroup conflict within higher education, there are other kinds of conflicts that also negatively impact on the climate and goals of the university. The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) has just published a special issue of their magazine Academe that focuses on conflicts of interest within higher education. The November-December 2010 expanded issue has the theme The Conflicted University. Here’s the description summary of what’s inside:

In this special issue, a group of internationally respected academics, science journalists, and other experts tackle what have become some of the thorniest issues facing higher education: corporate conflicts of interest, the chilling of scientific speech and academic freedom, and the urgent need to protect the integrity of scientific research.

From the BP oil spill debacle and ideological attacks on climate scientists and on student law clinics to the troubling influence of Big Agra, Big Tobacco, and Big Pharma at universities, the topics covered in the issue attest to the vulnerability of academia to both external influences and conflicts of interest.