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Slides from my Blogs in a Nutshell Session

Recently (Sept 17th, 2005) I presented a session entitled “Blogs in a Nutshell” at the Southfield Public Library’s Books and Beyond Festival. Here is a pdf version (1.8 MB) of my slides from the session. I cover what a blog is, some of the key features of blogs, some information on who is blogging these days, as well as some information on how to set up a blog user and how to use bloglines. In the initial information sent to me to confirm my presentation, the title of the workshop was mistakenly listed as “Bogs in a Nutshell”. I couldn’t resist joking about it in the session, showing photos of some bookends I got in Ireland made out of compacted peat, so you’ll see that as well. Some of the session was a demonstration, and the screenshots overlap in the pdf version, but hopefully you’ll get the idea.