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Peace and Conflict 2003: A Global Survey of Armed Conflicts, Self-Determination Movements, and Democ

Peace and Conflict 2003 is the second edition in the Integrated Network for Societal Conflict Research (INSCR) Program’s biennial global report series. It is written by Monty G. Marshall and Ted Robert Gurr with contributions by Jonathan Wilkenfeld, Mark Lichbach, and David Quinn. The free full-color, 72-page global report details major trends in armed conflict, self-determination movements, and democracy through the contemporary era, 1946-2002, and provides a “conflict ledger” assessing each country’s “peace-building capacity” in 2003. The 2003 edition of the report complements the 2001 edition, also available for download, by updating the trends and issues raised in the earlier report, expanding its analysis of global and regional trends in democratization, extending its analysis of self-determination movements to examine group grievances and strategies, and updating its descriptions of the status of major armed conflicts and self-determination movements. The 2003 report also incorporates new features on anti-globalization protest and international crises.