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Doors to Diplomacy Youth Website Contest Winners

This year’s winners of the Doors to Diplomacy contest are quite impressive. I particularly liked the All the World is But One project, one of this year’s platinum award winners. The U. S. Department of State, in cooperation with the Global SchoolNet Foundation, sponsors the “Doors to Diplomacy” educational challenge - to encourage middle school and high school students around the world to produce web projects that teach others about the importance of international affairs and diplomacy. The four main components of the project are noted below.

Collaborative Web Project: Doors to Diplomacy is a collaborative project, where small teams are formed consisting of two to four student members and up to two adult “coaches.” Research can be conducted both online and offline, and then the findings are assembled to produce an educational web project. Students are also encouraged to become spokespersons for their projects.

Project Narrative: Each Doors to Diplomacy project also includes a Project Narrative that explains how the project has been organized, what challenges had to be overcome, and how the project supported local content standards.  Many wonderful community building success stories often emerge from these “behind the scenes” narratives.

Peer Review Process: As part of the competition, teams must also participate in a Peer Review activity, in which they evaluate at least four other projects, using a web-based evaluation rubric

Awards:  Each student team member of the winning ?Doors to Diplomacy? Award team receives a $2,000 scholarship, and the winning coaches? schools each receive a $500 cash award. The State Department also sponsors a trip to Washington, DC where the winners receive a private tour of the State Department facilities, meet with key officials, and participate in a special award presentation ceremony. Each team who submits a completed project receives a special Doors to Diplomacy certificate.