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Consensus Building Training Manual and Workshop Outlines

The Managing Wholes website has a section entitled Consensus Building: Managing change, conflict, scarcity, diversity, and power. It includes a full set of materials on running consensus building workshops packaged as a manual.  The practical learning manual entitled Beyond Conflict to Consensus was developed by Bob Chadwick for the Workshops for Sustainability in Washington State, 2002. Also included are two other workshops that are described on the website as below:

Managing power by Bob Chadwick.
Nothing makes people more uncomfortable than the management of the power struggles that exist in every environment. The subject is often too threatening to even confront. Instead, people avoid it. Yet this basic instinct and behavior lies behind many conflicts. This module allows the participants to experience others’ needs, and their own needs, for power and control over others and events. The participants will experience power experientially and visually, and understand its impacts on them.

Managing scarcity and stereotypes by Bob Chadwick.
This module introduces the participant to the skills, attitudes, and understandings needed to manage behaviors and conflicts that result from moving from an environment of plenty to one of scarcity. The participant will learn the power that survival, or lower needs, have over consensus seeking and develop the ability to move people to the higher-level needs.