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C.A.S.T. - The FFP Conflict Assessment System Tool

The Fund for Peace developed an analytical model for exploring the causes and consequences of internal state collapse, as depicted in this image. They have a computer program that is designed to apply the model. According to the developers, “In developing C.A.S.T., The Fund for Peace uses the most sophisticated information technologies available, integrating video and/or audio clips, digital photos, documents, and other data sources into its interactive, user-friendly interface.  C.A.S.T. processes data from multiple sources, organizes it and creates graphic displays that identify major social, political/military and economic trends that track the increase or reduction of the risk of conflict.  It also creates a standard database methodology for collecting and sorting information relevant to internal conflicts around the world.” The software is not available online, but more information is available at the Fund for Peace website pages on their Conflict Prevention and Recovery Program.