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Audio Theatre Conflict and Cooperation in Faribault

The Faribault Minnesota Heritage Preservation Commission has been working to engage young people in their community with respect to the history of their town and region. The play you can hear on this portion of their website, “Conflict and Cooperation”, is historical fiction, based on actual facts and events that happened in 1862 and 1863. It gives voice to the people who lived in Faribault at this time, often using direct quotes attributed to individuals drawn from the era’s historical documentation. The play was recorded in May of 2003 at the Minnesota Academy for the Blind by students from Roosevelt Middle School, under the direction of 6th grade teacher Linda Dean.

image The first scene of Act 1 introduces us to some of the members of the Farmer Band of Dakota Indians, led by Taopi. The Farmer Band of Indians has broken off from the larger band of Dakota; they have adopted many ways of white culture and living. The other Dakota are angry at the treatment they have received from the U.S. government over the years, and in 1862, their rage boils over. The actions taken by the Dakota, by the town settlers, and by Taopi and his band will have an impact on the town of Faribault, the state and the entire country for decades to come?

Have a listen, why don’t you?