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Profiles of Student Conflict Resolvers

Students have been active participants in the creation of important and longstanding conflict resolution services on many campuses. In this section of the site, we will provide a rotating collection of mini-profiles of student projects, and occasionally profiles of specific individuals. For a complete list of campus mediation programs, check out the Campus Mediation Program Directory.

LEAP Confronting Conflict

The young people at Leap Confronting Conflictâ??s PeerLink project - - have created a network for young people involved in peer mediation and conflict resolution. The newscast-style report video below describes when itâ??s safe for young people to use their existing peer mediation skills in everyday life. A related handout with key ideas from the film is available here. Nice going team!


Mediation Program
—Northeastern University


Northeastern University recognizes that conflict is an inevitable and important part of university life. The University Judicial Affairs staff also knows that the outcome of conflict is based primarily on the way people deal with conflict individually and collectively. Northeastern Universitiy relies on its student Mediation Program to help students find long-lasting agreements in a fair, efficient and respectful way.

The Mediation Program is open to all students who want to mediate their conflicts. Typical cases involve those between roommates, neighbors, group project members and romantic partners. The Mediation Program will not mediate cases involving abuse, drugs, sexual assault or academic disputes. Mediators are students (some staff members are also involved) who volunteer their time. All mediators have been through a 20-hour training program, and receive additional training in areas such as gender roles and issues, problem-solving, conflict resolution and effective communication and interpersonal skills.

University Dispute Resolution Project
—George Mason University

Graduate students from the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University established the University Dispute Resolution Project (UDRP) in 1994. The goal of the organization was to help members of the GMU community deal effectively with interpersonal, intergroup and organizational conflicts. UDRP was awarded the ìRookie of the Yearî award for new student organizations early in its history. UDRP has continued to build on the goal of its founders and is currently a successful and strong campus organization. Student volunteers with diverse backgrounds lead the organization.

UDRP works to give students skills that will help them view conflict as a healthy and rewarding experience. This is done through proactive and situation-responsive conflict resolution services such as mediation, facilitation, dialogue and conflict resolution training. All services are free to GMU students, staff and faculty.

UDRP strives to create new initiatives in order to respond to the needs of the community. For example, in 2000 the UDRP Dialogue Project was created. UDRP is proud of its history and looks forward to providing more services to the GMU community in the future.