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Note: Each issue of our Conflict Management in Higher Education Report includes some reviews of books and resources. See our table of contents to past resource reviews for quick access.

On this page we provide somewhat random selection of books on topics we think might interest students exploring our field.

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From Our Bookshelf

Title: Conflict: Practices in Management, Settlement, and Resolution

By: Burton, John; Dukes, Frank
Date: 1990
This book describes different types of conflicts and different approaches to conflict management. It matches the different types of conflict with the most appropriate management process.
Publisher: New York: St. Martin's Press
Pages: 230

Title: Fair Division: From Cake-Cutting to Dispute Resolution

By: Brams, Steven J.; Taylor, Alan D.
Date: 1996
This book analyzes models and procedures for resolving disputes and the division of property, including indivisible items such as marital property and sovereignty in international disputes. The focus of the book lays within the necessity for fair division of goods and the flip-side problem of burden-sharing.
Pages: 272
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0521556449(paperback), 0521553903(hardcover)
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Mediation: Law, Policy and Practice

By: Rogers, N.; McEwen, C.
Date: 1994
Deerfield, IL: Clark Boardman Callaghan

Title: On the Borders of Crime: Conflict Management and Criminology

By: Kennedy, Leslie W.
Date: 1990
Publisher: New York: Longman
ISBN/ISSN: ASIN: 0801301513
Obtain From: This title is out of print, find in libraries.

Title: Collective Violence

By: Barkan, Steven E.; Snowden, Lynne L.
Date: 2000
This book redefines current approaches to the study of collective behavior and social movements, focusing on the characteristics, history, and structure of violent groups to better understand how this violence can be minimized.
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Pages: 176
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0205267823
Obtain From: Major booksellers and libraries.

Title: Arbitration Law

By: Merkin, Robert M.
Date: 1998
This major 2-volume loose-leaf work by Professor R. M. Merkin, is a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the law applying to arbitration agreements. Under clear subject headings, the major aspects of arbitration law are comprehensively covered, providing both an informative discussion of the principles and a reliable reference to the relevant source materials. It explains the facts of leading cases and their implications, covering both commercial and consumer arbitrations and referring to international arbitrations where these have significance for English lawyers.
Publisher: LLP Publications and Information Services
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 185044367X
Obtain From: Major booksellers and libraries.

Title: Face to Face: Communication and Conflict Resolution in the Schools

By: Morse, Philip S.; Ivey, Allen E.
Date: 1996
In this work, "Morse and Ivey show you how to go from adversarial approaches to caring and helping--without losing control of the situation. They offer you time-tested methods that counselors and therapists have used successfully for years, methods that you can modify for your personality and your school."
Publisher: Corwin Press
Pages: 112
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0803963076(hardcover), 0803963084(paperback)
Obtain From: Sage Publications, Inc.

Title: Creative Conflict Resolution: More than 200 Activities for Keeping Peace in the Classroom

By: Kreidler, William J.
Date: 1994
This book describes lessons, tools, and examples that can be used by teachers to explain and demonstrate the art of conflict resolution in the classroom.
Publisher: Good Year Books
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0673156427
Obtain From: all major booksellers

Title: Reconcilable Differences: Turning Points in Ethnopolitical Conflict

By: Byrne, Sean, ed.; Irvin, Cynthia L., ed.
Date: 2000
This book examines the factors that contribute to inter-group, ethnopolitical conflict and defines mechanisms essential to peace-building and resolution.
Publisher: Kumarian Press
Pages: 240
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 1565491084(paperback), 1565491092 (hardcover)
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Using Stories to Prevent Violence and Promote Cooperation

By: Fredericks, Linda
Date: 1996
This is a compilation of 10 stories from around the world, each with accompanying activities, for use with both primary and secondary students.
Publisher: Colorado School Mediation Project
Obtain From: Order online:

Title: Promoting Nonviolence in Early Adolescence: Responding in Peaceful and Positive Ways (Prevention in Practice Library)

By: Meyer, Aleta, ed.
Date: 2000
This book teaches adolescents how to resolve conflict using four types of non-violent options: resolve, avoid, ignore, and diffuse. The book also teaches the importance of accepting differences between people.
Publisher: Plenum Pub Corp
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN:0306463857
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Patterns of Conflict, Paths to Peace

By: Fisk, Larry, ed.; Schellenberg, John, ed.
Date: 2000
This well-balanced Canadian introductory textbook explores the nature of conflict and the patterns which it takes as well as the strategies for approaching and/or overcoming antagonistic relationships in a variety of arenas: interpersonal and familial, political, economic and international.
Publisher: Broadview Press
Pages: 220
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 1551111543
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Conflict Resolution: A Secondary School Curriculum

By: Sadalla, G.; Henriquez, M.; Holmberg, M.
Date: 1987
Publisher: San Francisco: Community Board Program

Title: Bureaucratic Versus Loose Coupling Governance: Ownership or Chaos in Managing Conflict?

By: Caliguri, Joseph P.; et al.
Date: 1984
The first section of this document relates a case involving governance problems at a private education institution. The second section gives teaching notes for the use of this case in any course focusing on leadership, organizational governance, or general management or in various topical courses. In the case recounted, an institution recognized for its collegial governance and administrative team leadership began to experience management and financial problems. To deal with these problems, the Board of Governors decided to create the position of president. The first president resigned after a year; the second resigned before the end of his first year. A team of three university professors was requested by the board chairman to evaluate the second president's performance; documents were analyzed, institutional assessment interviews with the president and administrators were conducted, and recommendations to the board and its constituents were presented. The issues that emerged were related to the differing governance philosophies and leadership styles that produced conflict among the institutional participants. The teaching notes give guidelines on the teaching objectives of the case, the position of the case in the course, assignment questions, and discussion strategies. An analysis of the issues involved is also provided. Five references are listed. (DCS)
Pages: 16

Title: Identity, Ideology and Conflict: The Structuration of Politics in Northern Ireland

By: Cash, John Daniel
Date: 1996
This work focuses on "the politics of identity", or the underlying ideologies and identity affiliations, that underlie conflicts in Northern Ireland. Unionism in Northern Ireland, past and present, is analysed in detail to illustrate the strengths of this new approach.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Pages: 8
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0521550521