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Note: Each issue of our Conflict Management in Higher Education Report includes some reviews of books and resources. See our table of contents to past resource reviews for quick access.

On this page we provide somewhat random selection of books on topics we think might interest students exploring our field.

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From Our Bookshelf

Title: Viewpoints: A Guide To Conflict Resolution and Decision Making for Adolescents

By: Guerra, Nancy G. ; Moore, Ann ; Slaby, Ronald G.
Date: 1990
This book presents a 10-lesson curriculum designed to teach social problem-solving skills, increase impulse control, promote empathy, and develop prosocial attitudes in adolescents. "The Viewpoints curriculum and the teacher's guide are excellent and practical resources for teaching social problem solving. The student workbook uses language that should be easily understood by adolescents. It contains clear definitions of concepts, provides engaging examples, and allows the students to work on various interpersonal problems." -- Denis G. Sukhodolsky, Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy
Publisher: Research Press

Title: Conflict and Culture: Research in Five Communities in Vancouver, British Columbia

By: LeBaron Duryea, Michelle ; Grundison, J. Bruce
Date: 1993
This second publication of the Multiculturalism and Dispute Resolution Project chronicles and analyzes the results of field research in Vancouver during 1992. This research explored attitudes toward conflict and conflict resolution as well as traditional and transitional ways of addressing conflicts used by immigrants to British Columbia. A multicultural team of researchers gathered in-depth information about community needs and preferences and about the ways traditional methods of resolving conflict influence dispute resolution choices of both recent and established immigrants in British Columbia. The research reveals a close connection between how respondents from the five communities perceive and experience conflicts, and problems related to settling in a new country.
Publisher: Vancouver, BC: University of Victoria: Institute for Dispute Resolution
ISBN/ISSN: ASIN: 1550580469
Obtain From: This title is out of print, find in libraries.

Title: Reconcilable Differences: Turning Points in Ethnopolitical Conflict

By: Byrne, Sean, ed.; Irvin, Cynthia L., ed.
Date: 2000
This book examines the factors that contribute to inter-group, ethnopolitical conflict and defines mechanisms essential to peace-building and resolution.
Publisher: Kumarian Press
Pages: 240
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 1565491084(paperback), 1565491092 (hardcover)
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: From Voting to Violence: Democratization and Nationalist Conflict

By: Snyder, Jack L.
Date: 2000
In this book, the author examines the danger democratization creates and the subsequent rise of nationalist fervor and ethnic conflict. Also, the author proposes strategies to reduce conflict among democratizing nations by avoiding the rush to establish democratic governments and punish outgoing leaders. The author focuses on Bosnia and Weimar, Germany.
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Pages: 320
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0393974812
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Preventing, Managing, and Resolving Intrastate Ethnic Conflict: An Evaluation of Theory and Evidence

By: Carment, David; Harvey, Frank P.
Date: 2000
The authors of this book examine theoretical knowledge of ethnic conflicts and apply violence prevention and conflict management assumptions to NATO's role in Kosovo and Bosnia.
Publisher: Praeger Pub. Text
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0275969797
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Postmodern Insurgencies: Political Violence, Identity Formation, and Peacemaking in Comparative Perspective

By: Munck, Ronaldo, ed.; De Silva, Purnaka L., ed.; Dieng, Adama
Date: 1999
This book is a series of essays by various authors examining contemporary examples of political violence, identity, and peacemaking. Countries discussed include Argentina, El Salvador, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Ethiopia, Palestine, Somalia, and Sri Lanka.
Publisher: St. Martins Press
Pages: 304
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0312226292
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Conflict: Many Sides to a Story

By: Bentley, Lora
Date: 1999
This book offers unique methods of resolving conflict in various areas, including the home and workplace. Methods include fables and fairy tales to illustrate the necessary tools for resolution.
Publisher: Peace Offerings
Pages: 79
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 1890555118
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Northern Ireland Question: Unionism, Nationalism and Partition, The

By: Barton, Brian ; Roche, Patrick J.
Date: 1999
The Northern Ireland Question: Nationalism, Unionism and Partition examines the political content of the unionist and nationalist ideologies" which have emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Ireland. The focus of the book is also to examine and assess the impact of unionist and nationalist thinking and the commitment on political and economic life in the 20th century." Northern Ireland Unionist Party
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Company
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 1840144904
Obtain From: Libraries and major booksellers.

Title: On the Borders of Crime: Conflict Management and Criminology

By: Kennedy, Leslie W.
Date: 1990
Publisher: New York: Longman
ISBN/ISSN: ASIN: 0801301513
Obtain From: This title is out of print, find in libraries.

Title: Disability Law Deskbook: The Americans with Disabilities Act in the Workplace

By: Faillace, Michael
Date: 2000
Publisher: New York: Practising Law Institute

Title: Quest for Peace: Transcending Collective Violence and War among Societies, Cultures and States

By: Vayrynen, Raimo
Date: 1987
Ranging from individual and social movements to ecosystems and social cosmologies, this work "brings together an unusual variety of perspectives and offers us an exciting view of the quest for peace."
Publisher: Thousand Oaks: Sage Ltd.
Pages: 368
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0803980353
Obtain From: Sage Publications, Inc.

Title: Peaceful Persuasion: A Guide to Creating Mediation Dispute Resolution Programs for College Campuses

By: Girard, Kathryn; Townley, Annette; Rifkin, Janet
Date: 1985
A guide to mediation program planning is presented for college campuses. The concept of a college mediation program is considered, along with issues of needs, benefits, program focus, and goals.
Publisher: Amherst, MA: The Mediation Project

Title: Introduction to Arbitration

By: Crowther, Harold
Date: 1998
This work is intended for those with little previous knowledge of arbitration and also to serve as a practice manual for serious students of the field. Crowther provides a detailed analysis of the 1996 Arbitration Act, a brief review of the history of arbitration in England, and a breakdown of the arbitration process itself.
Publisher: London, England: LLP Ltd., Legal Publishing Division
Pages: 332
ISBN/ISSN: 185978831

Title: Natural Conflict Resolution

By: Aureli, Filippo, ed.; De Waal, Frans B. M.
Date: 2000
This book explores the natural behavior of conflict resolution among humans, as well as animals, and the evolutionary role of conflict resolution over the years. The book also examines the cultural, ecological, cognitive, emotional, and moral perspectives of conflict resolution.
Publisher: Univ. California Press
Pages: 424
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0520216717
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Family Mediation: Contemporary Issues

By: Irving, Howard H.; Benjamin, Michael
Date: 1995
The authors "offer important perspectives on mediating with multicultural populations and the role of the mediator in child custody disputes and child protection cases. Through examination of family mediation research as well as helpful case history vignettes, the authors of this volume take action to fill significant gaps between family therapy and mediation."
Publisher: Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.
Pages: 486
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0803971273(paperback), 0803971265(hardcover)
Obtain From: Sage Publications, Inc.