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Note: Each issue of our Conflict Management in Higher Education Report includes some reviews of books and resources. See our table of contents to past resource reviews for quick access.

On this page we provide somewhat random selection of books on topics we think might interest students exploring our field.

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From Our Bookshelf

Title: Methods of Nonviolent Action: Politics of Nonviolent Action, Part 2

By: Sharp, Gene
Date: 1973
The Methods of Nonviolent Action describes nearly two-hundred specific methods of nonviolent action.
Publisher: Boston: Porter Sargent Pub.
Pages: 339
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0875580718
Obtain From: All major booksellers

Title: Origins of Nonviolence: Tolstoy and Gandhi In Their Historical Settings, The

By: Green, Martin Burgess
Date: 1986
University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press
Pages: ASIN: 0271004142
ISBN/ISSN: Libraries and major booksellers.

Title: Promoting Nonviolence in Early Adolescence: Responding in Peaceful and Positive Ways (Prevention in Practice Library)

By: Meyer, Aleta, ed.
Date: 2000
This book teaches adolescents how to resolve conflict using four types of non-violent options: resolve, avoid, ignore, and diffuse. The book also teaches the importance of accepting differences between people.
Publisher: Plenum Pub Corp
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN:0306463857
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Complexities of Higher Education Administration

By: Higgerson, Mary Lou; Rehwaldt, Susan S.
Date: 1993
Based on extensive experience in administration, in teaching, and in running workshops for administrators, the authors have assembled a collection of cases focused on topics common to academic administrators. (Anker Publishing)
Publisher: Bolton, MA: Anker

Title: Once Upon a Conflict: A Fairytale Manual of Conflict Resolution For All Ages

By: Leimdorfer, Tom
Date: 1992
This booklet presents six fairy tales each written from several different viewpoints, to produce a set of problem solving exercises designed to stimulate creative thinking about conflict. The stories provide material for discussion or role-play, adaptable to a variety of age groups. --- You Can Conflict Resolution
Publisher: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: Network: Interaction for Conflict Resolution
Obtain From: out of print find in libraries or Network: Interaction for Conflict Resolution

Title: Strengthening Departmental Leadership: A Team-Building Guide for Chairs in Colleges and Universities The Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education Series

By: Lucas, Ann F.
Date: 1994
This book demonstrates how academic chairs at institutions of higher education can learn the skills that are essential to their becoming leaders and faculty developers and having a significant impact on their departments. The book assists chairs in building cohesive teams in their departments and facilitates learning and using survival skills. It is designed to be highly practical, presenting sensible advice on handling problems that occur frequently in college and university departments. The book provides a goal-setting framework and action steps that result in leadership knowledge and skills. Specific chapters address: (1) opportunities departmental chairs have to handle specific challenges confronting higher education, and barriers that prevent chairs from becoming leaders and team builders; (2) a leadership matrix which measures nine major leadership and faculty development responsibilities and assesses strengths and target areas for development; (3) step-by-step method for developing a vision that will elicit the commitment of the department; (4) motivating, evaluating, and rewarding faculty members; (5) supporting effective teaching; (6) providing feedback on classroom teaching; (7) enhancing commitments to scholarship and service; (8) team building through supportive communication; (9) managing conflict and playing the role of third-party facilitator; (10) using feedback from the department; (11) the dean's role in developing departmental leadership; (12) stress reduction interventions; and (13) personal strategies for strengthening leadership effectiveness. Contains approximately 260 references. (JDD)
Pages: 295

Title: Nonviolence in Theory and Practice

By: Holmes. Robert L., ed
Date: 1990
This book provides an overview of the history of nonviolence, with contributions from a wide range of writers.
Publisher: Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Co.
Pages: 208
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0534121802
Obtain From: Major booksellers

Title: Parable of a President

By: Haak, Harold H.
Date: 1982
A fictional account of 1 school year in the life of a university president is presented to illustrate the conflicts within the university. A meeting with state officials regarding the university's 1979-1980 budget request is described, including the president's pre-meeting anticipation and his thoughts about the dynamics of interactions. Diverse phone calls received by the president are interspersed with his serious reflections regarding the budget request document and the political influences to the state decision-making process. After the legislative budget committee meeting, the president's responsibilities included: an all-day planning retreat on general education; a meeting with the State Education Commission regarding the university's academic master plan; meeting with the campus attorney regarding employee and student litigation and grievances; and a session with the faculty executive committee. The concept of "up-tight management," which emphasizes the simultaneous, or mixed, presence of conflict-oriented models along with various models that de-emphasize conflict, is discussed in an afterward. The president placed a high priority on building a consensus on institutional purposes and priorities. The college was stressful because of disagreements about the university's goals as well as conflicting process or procedural models. The school was in transition from a teachers college to a liberal arts college, and then to a regional university. (SW)
Publisher: American Association of State Colleges and Universities, Washington, D.C.
Pages: 75

Title: Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict

By: Kurtz, Lester R., ed.; Turpin, Jennifer E., ed.
Date: 1999
This resource text provides a starting point for newcomers to the conflict resolution and peace studies field by introducing major theories, concepts, and topics. Contributors come from multiple perspectives and academic disciplines and provide a wide range of articles and materials which are fully indexed and cross- referenced.
Publisher: Academic Press
Pages: 2598
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 012227010X
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Justice Is Conflict

By: Hampshire, Stuart
Date: 1999
This book examines the concept of justice in both the tradition of political philosophy and the contemporary liberal theory. The author defends that justice in matters of procedure is not the same as justice in matters of substance due to adversarial reasoning in moral conflicts.
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Pages: 88
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0691009333
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Battles, Hassles, Tantrums and Tears: Strategies for Coping with Conflict and Making Peace at Home

By: Beekman, Susan; Holmes, Jeanne
Date: 1993
Recognizing that there is no "right" way to deal with conflicts with kids, the authors have adapt the best conflict resolution techniques for easy use at home.
Publisher: Hearst Books
Pages: 222
ISBN/ISSN: 688119379
Obtain From: local bookstores and online

Title: Power and Conflict in the University: Research in the Sociology of Complex Organizations

By: Baldridge, Victor
Date: 1971
This classic book, based on Baldridge's experiences working at NYU during a time of great changes, argues in favor of viewing universities as political organizations as opposed to collegial, bureaucratic or purely rational systems. Baldridge explains Rather than a holistic enterprise, the university is a pluralistic system, often fractured by conflicts along the lines of disciplines, faculty subgroups, student subcultures, splits between administrators and faculties, and rifts between professional schools. (p. 107)" -Conflict Management in Higher Education Report
Publisher: New York: John Wiley & Sons

Title: Fair Division: From Cake-Cutting to Dispute Resolution

By: Brams, Steven J.; Taylor, Alan D.
Date: 1996
This book analyzes models and procedures for resolving disputes and the division of property, including indivisible items such as marital property and sovereignty in international disputes. The focus of the book lays within the necessity for fair division of goods and the flip-side problem of burden-sharing.
Pages: 272
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0521556449(paperback), 0521553903(hardcover)
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Managing Campus Conflict Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

By: Weeks, Kent
Date: 1999
This 1999 technical assistance manual is from the publisher of Lex Collegii, a quarterly legal newsletter for independent higher education. As explained by the book's publisher, this manual "analyzes and assesses alternative dispute resolution systems available to the college campus. It focuses on widely accepted forms of alternative dispute resolution, how they work, and their application to the collegiate environment. The manual includes data to evaluate options and determine how processes can be adapted to a particular institution and environment. Appendices of policies and forms that can be used for arbitration, mediation, grievance processing, and ombudsman systems is provided."
Publisher: Nashville, TN: College Legal Information, Inc.
Pages: 180
ISBN/ISSN: 1-881434-18-4

Title: Conflict Resolution: A Secondary School Curriculum

By: Sadalla, G.; Henriquez, M.; Holmberg, M.
Date: 1987
Publisher: San Francisco: Community Board Program