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Note: Each issue of our Conflict Management in Higher Education Report includes some reviews of books and resources. See our table of contents to past resource reviews for quick access.

On this page we provide somewhat random selection of books on topics we think might interest students exploring our field.

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From Our Bookshelf

Title: Helping Teens Stop Violence: A Practical Guide for Counselors, Educators, and Parents (2nd Edition)

By: Creighton, Allan ; Knievel, Paul
Date: 1992
Based on programs developed by the Oakland Men's Project, this book offers a proactive, multicultural approach for getting at the roots of violent behavior. The activities and workshops described in the book explore how violence manifests in families and dating; how issues of race, gender, and age are involved; and how teens can work to stop the violence in their lives. It includes curricula for classrooms and support groups, and strategies to support peer counselors and help abused teens. -Hunter House Publishers
Publisher: Alameda, CA: Hunter House
Pages: 152
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0897931157
Obtain From: Libraries and major booksellers.

Title: Mediation in the Campus Community: Designing and Managing Effective Programs

By: Warters, William C.
Date: 1999
This practical and comprehensive book offers administrators, faculty, student services professionals, and student groups step-by-step advice on mediation program development. The author draws on case examples and ideas from campuses across the country to illustrate strategies for developing creative and effective responses to conflict. Readers will find a ten-step guide for creating new programs, plus advice on staff training, program promotion, results evaluation, general conflict resolution skills training strategies and more. Sample forms, policy language, promotional materials, mission statements, assessment questions, and a case management script are among the many resources provided.
Publisher: San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers
Pages: 176
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 078794789X
Obtain From: Libraries and major booksellers.

Title: Lectures on Negotiation Analysis

By: Raiffa, Howard
Date: 1997
This work consists of a collection of class notes from well-respected negotiator, Howard Raiffa's teachings at Harvard.
Publisher: Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 1880711095
Obtain From: Major booksellers

Title: Building Partnerships: A Contemporary Approach to Conflict Management

By: This book embodies the win-win approach to conflict management within business situations, while emphasizing partnering and collaborative approaches.
Date: 1999
Publisher: 0
Pages: ISBN: 0072400382
ISBN/ISSN: major booksellers

Title: Conflict: Practices in Management, Settlement, and Resolution

By: Burton, John; Dukes, Frank
Date: 1990
This book describes different types of conflicts and different approaches to conflict management. It matches the different types of conflict with the most appropriate management process.
Publisher: New York: St. Martin's Press
Pages: 230

Title: Partisans and Mediators

By: Davis, Gwynn
Date: 1988
Publisher: Oxford : Clarendon Press
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0198256124

Title: Management of Peace Processes (Ethnic and Intercommunity Conflict), The

By: Darby, John, ed.; MacGinty, Roger, ed.
Date: 2000
With their book, an excellent team effort based on the 'Coming out of Violence' project, the authors have considerably contributed to all these levels. Monitoring five peace processes - South Africa (Pierre du Toit), Northern Ireland (John Darby/Roger Mac Ginty), Israel/Palestine (Tamar Hermann/David Newman), the Basque Country (Ludger Mees), and Sri Lanka (Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu) - over a period of two years they identified those factors which foster or prevent political progress in deeply divided societies. Six variables and their influence on the success or failure of a peace process were at the core interest of the study: Violence and security issues, the economy, external actors, public opinion, symbols, and progress towards political settlement. -Dr. Corinna Hauswedell
Publisher: St. Martins Press
Pages: 276
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0312231989
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Managing Faculty Disputes

By: McCarthy, Jane; Ladimer, Irving; Sirefman, Josef
Date: 1984
This highly focused book (developed by staff from the now defunct Center for Mediation in Higher Education) explores sources of conflict with and among faculty and reviews various sample grievance procedures, advocating for the increased use of informal mediation options. The book is out of print, so check your library or used book sources. -Conflict Management in Higher Education Report
Publisher: San Francisco: Jossey-Bass
Pages: 257
Obtain From: Jossey-Bass

Title: Mediation in Action

By: Genn, Hazel
Date: 1999
The Paths to Justice reports, for England & Wales (1999) and Scotland (2001), were comprehensive studies into the experiences of ordinary citizens dealing with problems that could ultimately end in the civil courts. -University College London
Publisher: Gulbenkian Foundation

Title: Fair Division: From Cake-Cutting to Dispute Resolution

By: Brams, Steven J.; Taylor, Alan D.
Date: 1996
This book analyzes models and procedures for resolving disputes and the division of property, including indivisible items such as marital property and sovereignty in international disputes. The focus of the book lays within the necessity for fair division of goods and the flip-side problem of burden-sharing.
Pages: 272
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0521556449(paperback), 0521553903(hardcover)
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Violence in America: An Encyclopedia

By: Gottesman, Ronald, ed.; et al.
Date: 2000
This is an encyclopedia of essays on violence in the United States examining the social conditions involved and analyzing cause and effect. Topics include individuals, specific events, social conditions, and cultural trends.
Publisher: Charles Scribners Sons/Reference
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0684804875
Obtain From: Major booksellers

Title: Powerful Peace: The Integrative Thinking Classroom, A

By: Heydenberk, Warren; Heydenberk, Roberta
Date: 2000
This book provides research-backed strategies and activities for effective conflict resolution and critical thinking instruction in the classroom. Specifically, the authors focus on violence and conflict prevention for grades four through twelve.
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0205293603
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Mediation (International Library of Essays in Law and Legal)

By: Menkel-Meadow, Carrie, ed.
Date: 2000
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Company
Pages: 656
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0754620522
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Conflict Analysis and Resolution as Education: Culturally Sensitive Processes for Conflict Resolution

By: LeBaron Duryea, Michelle
Date: 1994
This Canadian training curriculum is designed for those interested in learning to handle conflict effectively in multi-cultural settings. Self-exploration, cultural assessment, process design, power dynamics, and working with strong emotions are some of the themes covered in this five unit training course.
Publisher: Vancouver, BC: University of Victoria: Institute for Dispute Resolution
Pages: 135

Title: Spiral of Conflict: Berkeley, 1964, The

By: Heirich, Max
Date: 1971
This sociological study focuses on the dynamics of communication and conflict among students, faculty, and administration. Heirich's careful documentation makes this the most detailed and reliable chronological record of the conflict's events and interactions (Free Speech Movement).
Publisher: New York: Columbia University Press
Pages: Used book stores, libraries
Obtain From: student