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Note: Each issue of our Conflict Management in Higher Education Report includes some reviews of books and resources. See our table of contents to past resource reviews for quick access.

On this page we provide somewhat random selection of books on topics we think might interest students exploring our field.

Recently Released - Mediation-related

From Our Bookshelf

Title: Powerful Peace: The Integrative Thinking Classroom, A

By: Heydenberk, Warren; Heydenberk, Roberta
Date: 2000
This book provides research-backed strategies and activities for effective conflict resolution and critical thinking instruction in the classroom. Specifically, the authors focus on violence and conflict prevention for grades four through twelve.
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0205293603
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Natural Conflict Resolution

By: Aureli, Filippo, ed.; De Waal, Frans B. M.
Date: 2000
This book explores the natural behavior of conflict resolution among humans, as well as animals, and the evolutionary role of conflict resolution over the years. The book also examines the cultural, ecological, cognitive, emotional, and moral perspectives of conflict resolution.
Publisher: Univ. California Press
Pages: 424
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0520216717
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Disability Law Deskbook: The Americans with Disabilities Act in the Workplace

By: Faillace, Michael
Date: 2000
Publisher: New York: Practising Law Institute

Title: Alternative Dispute Resolution in a Nutshell

By: Noolan-Haley, Jacqueline M.
Date: 1992
This book provides a broad range of information on Alternative Dispute Resolution, including negotiation, arbitration, and mediation. The book is geared toward helping people gain a better overall understanding of ADR procedures.
Publisher: West Information Publising Group
Pages: 298
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0314007814
Obtain From: Major booksellers and libraries.

Title: Once Upon a Conflict: A Fairytale Manual of Conflict Resolution For All Ages

By: Leimdorfer, Tom
Date: 1992
This booklet presents six fairy tales each written from several different viewpoints, to produce a set of problem solving exercises designed to stimulate creative thinking about conflict. The stories provide material for discussion or role-play, adaptable to a variety of age groups. --- You Can Conflict Resolution
Publisher: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: Network: Interaction for Conflict Resolution
Obtain From: out of print find in libraries or Network: Interaction for Conflict Resolution

Title: New Ways of Managing Conflict

By: Likert, Rensis; Likert, Jane G.
Date: 1976
This book applies a systems theory of conflict to a variety of settings. It is applied to the university environment in the chapter "System 4 Structure Applied to Conflicts in Universities"
Publisher: New York: McGraw-Hill
Pages: 370
Obtain From: McGraw Hill

Title: Nonviolent National Defense: A Philosophical Inquiry into Applied Nonviolence

By: Freund, Norman C.
Date: 1987
This book discusses the nonviolent alternatives for the defense of nations. The author elaborates on the mechanisms, tactics, and particular actions of a nonviolent national defense program in an effort to demonstrate how it could be an effective alternative to military force.
Publisher: University Press of America
Pages: 82
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0819166553
Obtain From: Libraries and major booksellers

Title: Tao of Peace: Lessons from Ancient China on the Dynamics of Conflict, The

By: Chen, Wang; Sawyer, Ralph D; Sawyer, Meri-Chun Lee
Date: 2000
This book is a philosophical discussion of the causes of conflict and solutions for peace. Using Laozi's Dao De Jin, Wang Chen, a ninth century Chinese military commander, emphasizes the practicality of nonviolence and the role of a leader to achieve peace.
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
Pages: 256
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 1570625115
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Making Peace Prevail: Preventing Violent Conflict in Macedonia (Peace and Conflict Resolution)

By: Ackermann, Alice
Date: 2000
This book examines the efforts to promote peace in Macedonia through preventive intervention by both domestic and international interests.
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
Pages: 272
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0815606028
Obtain From: major booksellers

Title: Art and Science of Negotiation, The, reprint edition

By: Raiffa, Howard
Date: 1985
This book provides a serious discussion of negotiation in which the author weaves together his expertise in theory and practice.
Publisher: Belknap Press
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 067404813X
Obtain From: Belknap Press or major booksellers

Title: Conflict Resolution in the Schools: A Manual for Educators

By: Girard, Kathryn; Koch, Susan J.
Date: 1996
Based on material developed by the National Institute for Dispute Resolution (NIDR) and the former National Association for Mediation in Education (now merged with the NIDR Youth Program), this practical resource guide shows educators how to diagnose conflicts, handle difficult confrontations, and implement appropriate mediation and problem-solving strategies.
Publisher: San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass
Pages: 400
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0-7879-0235-7W01
Obtain From: Jossey-Bass

Title: Discrimination, Harassment, and the Failure of Diversity Training - What to do Now

By: Hemphill, Helen; Haines, Ray
Date: 1997
The focus of diversity trainers on awareness, understanding and appreciating differences has not resulted in effective training. Hemphil and Haines suggest that diversity training should focus on eliciting change in workplace behaviors.
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN/ISSN: 1567201091
Obtain From: Major booksellers, Libraries

Title: Ombuds Handbook: A Practical Guide to Establishing and Operating an Ombuds Office on a College or University Campus, The

By: Griffin, Tim; Hudson, Betty Jo; Rauss, Karen; Sebok, Tom; Wilcox, Linda
Date: 1995
Publisher: University and College Ombuds Association

Title: Leadership Skills for Department Chairs

By: Gmelch, Walter H; Miskin, Val D
Date: 1993
This book discusses The Call for Leadership, Developing an Academic Team, Department Planning: Analysis and Direction, Department Results: Goal Setting, Managing Time: For Department Chairs Only, Managing Conflict Creatively: Valuing Diverse Perspectives, Coping with Stress: Maintaining Your Enthusiasm, and Leadership Trade-Offs and Pay-Offs. -Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
Publisher: Bolton, MA: Anker Pub. Co.

Title: Preventing, Managing, and Resolving Intrastate Ethnic Conflict: An Evaluation of Theory and Evidence

By: Carment, David; Harvey, Frank P.
Date: 2000
The authors of this book examine theoretical knowledge of ethnic conflicts and apply violence prevention and conflict management assumptions to NATO's role in Kosovo and Bosnia.
Publisher: Praeger Pub. Text
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 0275969797
Obtain From: major booksellers