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Videos on Workplace Conflict and Mediation

Sometimes watching a video is the quickest way to grasp a new concept or visualize how a process might work in your environment. Below are some links to videos related to workplace mediation that should prove interesting.

U.K. Workplace Mediation Series

(see the full series here)

Episode 1: The Spark
Many workplace disputes come to a head with an angry exchange or spark between the parties. Here, Andy & Letitia meet in the tea room, where they discuss their joint report.

Episode 2: The Manager's Input
Mediation skills aren't just used by mediators! Here, the manager, Jackie, tries to resolve the situation using some key skills.

Episode 3: Meeting the mediators
Jackie has realised that she can't be impartial this time, and so has suggested the parties contact the mediators. They attend in turn for a private session.

Episode 4: The joint mediation session begins
The joint mediation session begins with some rule-setting, and then each of them takes some time to say their piece.

Episode 5: Making an agenda
The mediators get the parties to agree on the key issues.

Episode 6: Negotiating the issues
Once the issues are clear, the mediators encourage a more direct exchange between the two, while carefully managing the conversation.

Episode 7: Making an agreement
The parties' improved understanding is summarised in writing.

Episode 8: Andy and Letitia return to the department
The interpersonal problems resolved for now, the two colleagues are able to pick up the report again with the manager's support.