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The Campus-adr project has as one of it's goals to collect and then make available hard-to-find materials that are of use to folks working in the higher education conflict resolution niche.

Several valuable collections of information are posted online as noted below.

Dissertations & Thesis on Campus Conflict Issues
Higher Ed Articles from NAME's 4th R
Conflict Studies Syllabi Sampler

Dissertations and Thesis on Campus Conflict Issues

A surprising number of students have chosen to study conflict in higher education or related issues. These students toil for countless hours on their thesis or dissertation, but most often the results of their work goes unnoticed. To help make better use of their work, we've gathered a collection of thesis abstracts which can be browsed. If you have identified a study you'd like to read fully, most often the full dissertation or thesis is available via UMI's Dissertation Express service or via interlibrary loan. Here's a couple recent relevant examples - Web-based evaluation survey of campus mediation programs: Perceptions from the field by Daniel, Gayon Monique, Ph.D., Temple University, 2009 and Divergent hallways: resident advisors' perspectives on the management of cross-cultural conflict by Lindsay Alida McDonough, Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia.

Go to our search portal at (NOTE: our old search portal filtering just dissertations seems to no longer work as expected).

Articles from the
National Association for Mediation
in Education's 4th R

In 1985 an association was born devoted to supporting the use of mediation in educational settings. The group, known as NAME (the National Association for Mediation in Education) published a regular newsletter called the 4th R. NAME had a higher education committee (Bill Warters served as chair of this committee for a time) and quite a few articles relating to campus conflict resolution were published in the newsletter. For a while this was the only consistent source of information on campus conflict resolution work. In 1997 NAME merged with the National Institute for Dispute Resolution, forming CREnet (the Conflict Resolution Education Network). Since then CREnet has merged with a number of other national groups to form the Association for Conflict Resolution.

With permission from NAME/CREnet, we have posted a number of the old 4th R articles so that they might may remain available.

Conflict Studies Syllabi Sampler

Many faculty are now developing new courses in conflict studies due to growing interest in the field. The campus-adr staff, with permission from the former National Insititute for Dispute Resolution and the current Association for Conflict Resolution (the successor organization to NIDR), has posted a collection of more than 75 sample syllabi. These course outlines are from a range of types of programs and cover a broad set of topics. The searchable and browseable collection is housed in our Classroom Building. Click here to view the syllabi sampler.