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Special Issue of New Directions in Higher Education

Susan Holton from Bridgewater State University edited a special issue of the journal New Directions for Higher Education that focused specifically on conflict management in higher education. It is a well-rounded collection of articles that should be of interest to people working in various higher education domains. The table of contents for the issue is reprinted below. For more information on availability near you, check


JOURNAL: New directions for higher education.
          TITLE: Conflict Management in Higher Education
          VOL, ISSUE: Number 92
          YEAR: Winter, 1995
          ISSN: 0271-0560
          PLACE: San Francisco :
          PUBLISHER: Jossey-Bass,


        ARTICLE: 1. Conflict 101 pp. 5     AUTHOR(S): Holton, Susan A
                  ARTICLE: 2. It’s Nothing New! A History of Conflict in Higher
                        Education pp. 11     AUTHOR(S): Holton, Susan A
                  ARTICLE: 3. From Collegiality to Confrontation: Faculty-to-Faculty
                        Conflicts pp. 19     AUTHOR(S): Leal, Raymond R
                  ARTICLE: 4. “Can’t We Settle This?” Student Conflicts in Higher
                        Education and Options for Resolution pp. 27
                        AUTHOR(S): Gibson, Jacqueline
                  ARTICLE: 5. Department Chairs Under Siege: Resolving the Web of
                        Conflict pp. 35     AUTHOR(S): Gmelch, Walter H
                  ARTICLE: 6. Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them: Faculty and
                        Administrators in Conflict pp. 43     AUTHOR(S): Holton,
                        Susan A; Phillips, Gerald
                  ARTICLE: 7. From Conflict to Accord: Collective Bargaining at the
                        Academy pp. 51     AUTHOR(S): Annunziato, Franh R
                  ARTICLE: 8. Institutional Conflict pp. 59     AUTHOR(S): Ostar, Allan W
                  ARTICLE: 9. Town and Gown: Forums for Conflict and Consensus Between
                        Universities and Communities pp. 63     AUTHOR(S): Warfield, Wallace
                  ARTICLE: 10. Conflict Management in Higher Education: A Review of
                        Current Approaches pp. 71     AUTHOR(S): Warters, William C
                  ARTICLE: 11. And Now ... the Answers! How to Deal with Conflict in
                        Higher Education  pp. 79     AUTHOR(S): Holton, Susan A
                  ARTICLE: 12. Where Do We Go from Here? pp. 91     AUTHOR(S): Holton,
                        Susan A
                  ARTICLE: Appendix: Conflict Management Programs in the United States
                        and Canada pp. 97 AUTHOR(S): Holton, Susan A; Warters, William C.