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Mending The Cracks In The Ivory Tower

Anker Publishing Company offers this useful resource for people interested in managing conflict in the academy. The release announcement from the publisher follows:

MENDING THE CRACKS IN THE IVORY TOWER: Strategies for Conflict Management in Higher Education

book coverSusan A Holton, Editor
Faculty and administrators in higher education inevitably encounter conflict in their complex and challenging roles. With a particular focus on department chairs and deans, this book helps analyze the many kinds of personal and institutional conflicts most commonly faced in higher education and provides the necessary tools and methods for conflict management and resolution. Contributors share their expertise with case studies, questions, examples, and strategies, inviting you to use this practical guide to “mend the cracks” in your own towers. This book shows how the proper management of conflict can improve working relationships, departments, and entire institutions.

Contents include:

  • an overview of conflict in academia (Susan A Holton)
  • administration in the age of conflict (Gerald Graff)
  • managing conflict from the middle (Walter H. Gmelch)
  • chairs and support staff (Mary Lou Higgerson)
  • conflict between chairs and deans (Ann F. Lucas)
  • the dean and conflict (Nancy L. Sorenson)
  • administrator-faculty conflict (Judith A. Sturnick)
  • conflict on the front lines (Clara M. Lovett)
  • student affairs and academic affairs (Lynn Willett)
  • faculty-faculty conflict (Cynthia Berryman-Fink)
  • conflict between faculty and students (John W. Keltner)
  • student-student conflict (Janet Rifkin)
  • conflict resolution in the academy (Joel H. Douglas)
  • the Holton model for conflict management (Susan A Holton)
  • appendix: conflict management programs for administrators (Gillian Krajewski)
  • how to contact contributors

Susan A Holton is Professor and former Chair of Communication Studies,
Bridgewater State College (MA).

To locate the book in a local library or get links to purchasing options, visit this book link.