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Profiles of Faculty Conflict Resolution Programs and Practitioners

In this section of the site, we will provide a rotating collection of mini-profiles of faculty conflict resolution projects, and occasionally we will run profiles of specific individuals. For a list of all campus mediation programs, visit the Campus Mediation Program Directory.

Faculty Mediation Program
--West Virginia University

The Faculty Mediation Program at West Virginia University is housed under the President's Office for Social Justice. The Faculty Mediation Program reflects WVU goals of empowerment, social justice, respect, leadership and community. Faculty relationships and issues that benefit from mediation include: supervisor/employee disputes, co-worker disputes, work expectations, annoying habits, credit for work done and limited resources.

Faculty Dispute Resolution Program
--University of New Mexico

The Faculty Dispute Resolution Program (FDR) at the University of New Mexico is designed to provide alternative dispute resolution services to faculty seeking assistance with managing conflicts. The goal of the FDR is to assist with disputes that involve things such as disagreements about workload, decision-making, support, workplace civility, management styles and communication breakdown. The FDR program is available to all faculty members, whether they work full or part time.

The primary means the FDR uses to address conflict is mediation, although consultations are also provided. UNM faculty who are professionally trained and certified serve as mediators. The long-term vision for FDR is a widespread network of trained UNM faculty who are committed to constructive conflict management. To date, approximately 60 faculty members have completed the 32-hour mediation training.