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Tools and Support for Conflict Studies Instructors

Note: The article Harnessing the Power of the World Wide Web for Conflict Studies Courses by Bill Warters, found in our own journal, provides tips on using the web to accomplish the various tasks commonly associated with building a new course. It mentions many of the links and resources found below.

Course Planning and Design Aids

General Course Planning Primers

Practical advice on Preparing or Revising a Course - written by Barbara Gross Davis, University of California, Berkeley for her book Tools for Teaching (Jossey-Bass).

Step by Step: Planning a College Course - Another planning outline from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Teaching and Learning Center.

Course Development Guides - Helpful short essays on the course development process from UC Irvine's Instructional Resources Center. Topics include:

  • Etc.

30 Things We Know for Sure about Adult Learners - a quick list of key ideas from the adult learning field, originally published in 1984 in Innovation Abstracts.

Information Specifically for the
Conflict Studies Field

Graduate Studies in Dispute Resolution: A Delphi Study of the Field's Present and Future - An article by Bill Warters appearing in the Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution. Lists key concepts identified by a group of conflict studies faculty and administrators as central to the field.

Information and ideas on Developing Conflict Studies online WebQuests by Bill Warters.

Notes on New Directions and Issues in the Teaching of Conflict Resolution by Roy Lewicki from the Conflict Managment in Higher Education Report, abridged from a talk he gave at an AALS Faculty seminar on teaching Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Teaching Negotiation: A downloadable pdf file (84 pages) is available presenting the results of a survey done in preparation for a 3-day meeting at Harvard on Negotiation Pedagogy sponsored by the Hewlett Foundation and it's theory centers. NEGOTIATION PEDAGOGY: A RESEARCH SURVEY OF FOUR DISCIPLINES

  • Negotiation Teaching in Law Schools
  • Teaching Negotiation in the Professional Discipline of International Relations
  • Teaching Negotiation in Public Policy and Planning
  • Analysis of Negotiation Programs at Schools of Business and Management

Videos (and some handouts) of presentations from the 3-day meeting on teaching negotiation are also available for viewing online. Click on the sidebar link to each day's agenda to find links to the video feeds.

The UNESCO Handbook Resource and Teaching Material in Conflict Resolution, Education for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy is available for download. Alert: The pdf file is 180 pages long, and thus will take time to download on slower connections.

A Graduate Level Curriculum for Trauma Intervention and Conflict Resolution In Ethnopolitical Warfare. Authored by the Ethnopolitical Warfare Curriculum Conference Planning Task Force of the Steering Committee of the Joint Initiative on Ethnopolitical Warfare of the American and Canadian Psychological Associations.

Civics Online provides a listing of useful online resources for teaching and thinking about Civic Education. Main target audience is K-12 educators, but the content is useful at all levels of the education system.

Syllabi Collections

The site is pleased to offer our own searchable online collection of more than 85 sample syllabi from conflict resolution related courses. The collection, previously published by NIDR/CREnet, covers the full spectrum of the field and includes both undergraduate and graduate courses.

Other valuable sources of syllabi are listed below.

Five College Program Peace and World Security Studies curriculum project

The World Lecture Hall (see Conflict Management section or search on the word "conflict" or "peace" or "dispute")

Directory of College and University Peace Studies Programs (Including Links to Online Course Lists and Syllabi) maintained by Robin Crews

International Peacekeeping Syllabi from courses on various aspects of UN-sanctioned peace operations (from Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies collection)

Incorporating Genocide, Ethnopolitical Conflict, and Human Rights Issues Into the Psychology Curriculum: Instructional Resources (2000) by Linda M. Woolf, Webster University This 32-page document consists of resource materials for developing whole courses and lectures on genocide, ethnopolitical conflict, and human rights issues. For incorporating specific topics into existing courses, lecture suggestions and selected references are given. For developing and revising whole courses, sample syllabi are provided. In addition, lists of relevant videotapes, Web sites, Internet discussion lists, and professional organizations are included.

The SPSSI Curriculum Collection on
Prejudice & Intergroup Relations

To facilitate resource sharing among teachers, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) has developed a collection of syllabi and other materials for coursed on prejudice and intergroup relations.

Collective Behavior and Social Movements Teaching Resources
Provides resources to help both new and experienced teachers as they teach collective behavior and social movement content. Includes ASA's CBSM 1996 syllabi sampler, now online.

Social Psychology Links to Teaching Resources
Links to a variety of social psychology teaching resources, including textbooks, course syllabi, lecture notes, classroom activities, demonstrations, assignments, and more.

AERA-J/ASHE Online Syllabi Project
Project mission is to collect syllabi in the field of higher education, which cover a broad range of topics thereby giving professors and students the opportunity to learn more about the variety of higher education courses being offered across the country.

EMPATHY's Course Web Pages for communication classes

Conflict Management Syllabi Collection from George Mason's Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (must order a hard copy)

Identifying Appropriate Course Books and Readings

The number of potential textbooks in the field of conflict studies has expanded rapidly. Here are a few sources that can help you identify books that might work for your class.

Essential Readings in ADR (from Warters' Delphi Study)

Readings in Dispute Resolution: A Select Bibliography (by Catherine Morris, well-organized, a good place to start)

Info on Good General Purpose Mediation Training Manuals

List of Major Journals in the Field (from Nova Southeastern University)

Search for Books Using the Conflict Resolution Information Source (CRInfo) -- use Catalog Power Search or go directly to their book review summaries.

Conflict Resolution Center International library

Restorative Justice Online Library

Conflict Resolution Information Source

Annotated Conflict Studies Bibliography (available from ICAR at George Mason University)

James B. Boskey's on-line reviews of dispute resolution literature, published in The Alternative Newsletter:
* March, 1999
* November, 1998
* July, 1998
* March, 1998
* November, 1997
* July, 1997

Links to Other Relevant Online Bibliographies

Academic Writing and Research on Negotiation-related Topics (compiled by WIN Squared Software) (provides many brief full-text articles, lots of other info too)

Places to Purchase Books and
Publications Online

Jossey-Bass Publications Conflict Resolution Series

Sage Publications (search on the word "conflict")

George Mason University's Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR)

Syracuse University Press Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution (go "books in print" ---> "series listing" --->"Syracuse Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution")

Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (Books from the Clearinghouse)

Network: Interaction for Conflict Resolution Bookstore (Canadian)

Australian Conflict Resolution Network's Manuals, Videos and Books

Association for Conflict Resolution Bookstore

American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution

Association of American University Presses Online Catalog (Recommend searching on keywords)

Resolution Bookshop

Classroom Interaction Improvement Strategies

Summary of Best Practices in College Teaching (Report by Tom Drummond)

Classroom Management by Mary Ellen O'Leary

Ted Panitz Cooperative Learning E-book

Interactive Experiential Training: Eight Breakthrough Strategies (by Raja Thiagarajan)

Structuring and Delivering Interdisciplinary Courses (Book Excerpt from James Davis)
Includes summary of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

Academic Controversy? Enriching College Instruction through Instructional Conflict by David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson, Karl A. Smith

Teaching Controversial Issues (brief online article by Suzanne Cherrin, University of Delaware)

Sample "Working in Groups" Handout to give to students (from Canisius College Campus Mediation Service)

Locating Appropriate Roleplays, Simulations, and Case Studies

Information on Campus Mediation Videos and Roleplay Collections

Search Our Online Campus Mediation Roleplays Collection

Harvard Program on Negotiation Clearinghouse

Northwestern University Negotiation and Decision-making Case Collection

Using the Case Method

Resources for Case Teachers and Course Designers (from Robert Bruner)

Conflict Resolution and Collaboration CASE STUDIES from the ELECTRONIC HALLWAY

Conflict Research Consortium online Case Study Database

International and Environmental Dispute Case Study Database (from Inventory on Conflict and the Environment project at American University)

Public Participation Case Study "The Bridges of Winnepeg: Combining Conflict Resolution and Public Participation for Challenging Cases (by Desmond M. Connor and Suzanne Goulet Orenstein)

Dealing with Workplace Violence: a Guide for Agency Planners (produced by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management) includes a chapter of Case Studies exploring the variety of forms of workplace violence and possible responses. The case study chapter or the whole manual can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf file.

Centre for Conflict Resolution (South Africa) has published a Case Study Training Manual for free download that contains ten case studies by various African authors for the purpose of conflict resolution training. The case studies portray typical conflicts in African communities and the dilemmas faced by peacemakers or mediators. The cases were documented as 'teaching cases', following the methodology developed by the Harvard Law and Business Schools. The case studies reflect complex situations with no easy solutions possible, but they provide sufficient information to enable a meaningful discussion, but are not burdened by excessive detail.

The View from the Ground collection published online by the International Development Research Centre is designed to help participants explore conflicts over natural resources in the Galapagos Islands, Laos, the Middle East, and elsewhere. Short articles explain the causes of the conflicts, present the parties involved, and survey the consequences. They also assess how successful different strategies have been in managing or diffusing the conflict and set out what issues remain to be addressed. Case studies carried out by IDRC-supported researchers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America delve more deeply into the causes of conflicts over natural resources and future prospects.

The Ethics of Teaching: A Casebook (1994)
by Patricia Keith-Spiegel, Arno F. Wittig, David V. Perkins, Deborah Ware Balogh, and Bernard E. Whitley, Jr. contains 164 cases with detailed analyses; covers many aspects of academia, focusing on student-professor relationships and "grayer" areas where ethics committees and policies often cannot reach; suitable for teaching workshops, TA and GA training, continuing education, and faculty development. . . . $19.45 ($15.95 for book, $3.50 for postage and handling) Note: Make check payable to "Ball State University." Send request and check to: Linda Ritchie, Academic Research and Sponsored Projects, BallState University, Muncie, IN 47306

Multimedia Teaching Tools

More and more tools are coming available that incorporate multimedia elements, and many are available over the web.

Bill Warters published an article on developing conflict studies webquests that is available in our online journal. He developed a webquest for his conflict studies course that you are invited to view online. See Standoff at Oka.

Partial List of Mediation and ADR Video Sources (from The Conflict Resolution Syllabi Sampler: 1998 edited by Juliana Birkhoff)

List of ADR videos (available from National Center for State Courts Library, Williamsburg, VA)

Videos and Diskettes available from the Center for Public Resources

Activities and Videos for Teaching Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology (1998) by G. William Hill, IV, Kennesaw State University.

Peaceweb is a Quaker Web page on peace and social concerns. They developed a list of Movies with a Conscience that are listed by topic.

Multimedia Arbitration Training Tool from CALI

Conflict Resolution Leadership Case Studies based on films (from Hartwick Humanities in Management Institute)

Allwyn Hall Conflict Skills Training CD-Rom for College Students (by Martha Harty, Carnegie Mellon University)

Media Script and Producers Guide: Conflict Over Natural Resources, a script for a short play or radio broadcast on natural resource conflicts. Designed specially for community radio, theatre or multimedia, the authors encourage you to adapt the script to individual communities and situations. You can use one or more of the four acts as is, or add local knowledge and understanding to bring the issues alive for your audience. Includes some production tips to help you make the material timely and relevant to your audience.

International Online Training Program on Intractable Conflict (Univ of Colorado, includes extensive full-text info)

Interactive Tools for Teaching Negotiation (from Marjorie McDiarmid)

INSPIRE: a Web-based Negotiation Support System (developed by the InterNeg group at Carleton and Concordia Universities)

The Practitioners' Guide for Conflict Prevention and Mitigation is intended for policy-makers and practitioners at all levels, and represents a recently-assembled body of knowledge on the origins and life cycle of conflicts, an array of tools for conflict prevention and mitigation, and a set of strategies for applying those tools effectively. It was prepared by Creative Associates International, Inc. at the request of the Greater Horn of Africa Initiative.

"The Mediator" (try a demo of a computer-based conflict resolution applet by Ron Surratt)

Resolve-it College Virtual Campus (an introduction to conflict resolution initiatives on college campuses by Bill Warters)

Restorative Justice Online Campus (Tutorials and slideshows on restorative justice- see especially Changing Lenses by Howard Zehr)

DEPOLARIZER Game/survey using Email (a delphi process explained by Thiagi)

Roots of Social Conflict mini-course online (from Center for Peace Research, Spain)

National Network for Collaboration multimedia Training Manual (requires Real Media Player)

Myers-Briggs style Temperament Sorter for use by Negotiators (by by Lowell K. Halverson from his Negotiating Styles for Couples in Conflict site)

Sample Applications of Conflict Studies Research and Theory

We've begun collecting examples of conflict theory being applied to specific cases or being explained using conflict examples. To visit our growing collection, go to our Applications of Conflict Theory page.