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Welcome to the Networking Center at RC! Our staff tries to provide support for campus groups who could benefit by being connected to a community that reaches beyond the campus gates. Given the keen interest in campus mediation here at RC, we've recently taken up the challenge of helping to connect campus mediation programs and mediators with one another. This has not been easy, however, because campus mediation programs are based in many different locations on campuses across North America, and they serve many different populations.

So far, what we've been able to do is conduct a thorough search of the internet and construct a list of links to existing campus mediation initiatives that have a web presence. The list has grown to close to 150 different campuses, and has admittedly become rather unwieldy. The staff has just begun to work on coding the available information and then entering it into a database to make it searchable in more useful ways. However, you're more than welcome to check out our current list of Campus Mediation Web Sites.

You might also be interested in the results from a survey conducted in 1995 by Susan Holton and Bill Warters that very broadly canvassed the campus conflict management field.

We are also encouraging people affiliated with campus mediation programs to register their programs. If you are with a program, now would be great time to sign up! Register Your Program Today!

Finally, we taking part in a discussion during ADR Cyberweek about how to better integrate high school peer mediators into college programs. We really want to tap into the pool of already trained and experienced peer mediators! We'd love to hear from you about your ideas. If you're interested, go to the Peer Mediation Discussion on the Cyberweek WebBoard. If it is your first time to the WebBoard, you'll have to register, but its relatively painless. You can also just view messages as a guest if you'd prefer that approach.

Anyway, we hope we can find ways to be of service. We know that when people work together, good things can happen!


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