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Peace and Conflict Studies Program Links

Information on Undergraduate Academic Programs

There is an Undergraduate Education Guide to Peace and Conflict Studies available from the The Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies (PAWSS) based at Hampshire College. It provides an overview of the field and then regional listings of available programs.

Information on Graduate Academic Programs

Graduate Conflict Resolution Program finder from Salisbury State University in Maryland. Uses a clickable world and U.S. map to help you focus in on programs in areas of the world you might want to spend time in.

Mixed Lists Covering Both Graduate and Undergraduate Opportunities

The Global Directory of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Programs (2007 Edition) was compiled by COPRED, the Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development. It is a comprehensive annotated guide to peace studies and conflict resolution programs at colleges and universities worldwide. This edition profiles over 450 undergraduate, Master's and Doctoral programs and concentrations in over 40 countries and 38 states. Entries describe the program's philosophy and goals, examples of course offerings, key course requirements, degrees and certificates offered and complete contact information including email and web addresses. This edition includes indices by state, country, affiliation and type of degree. The introduction is available online, while the full directory must be purchased in hard copy or in an online edition.

The Canada-based Peacemakers Trust provides a nice list of college and university programs in Canada.

CRInfo maintains a searchable listing of academic programs in the Conflict Resolution field.

Quakers (i.e, Society of Friends) have long professed their support for peace and conflict resolution. Use this link for a clickable map for Locating Quaker Colleges, Universities and Study Centers.

For more commercial ways to find programs, you can try Conflict Resolution Academic Programs list from, or the listings at's site. Be aware that these lists usually focus on programs that have paid for inclusion and thus may be incomplete.

International Program Information

"Conflict Resolution Training Opportunities in Canada" (online article) by David Last from Peace Magazine.

The Peres Center for Peace has added a directory of peace and conflict studies programs to their website. While not fully searchable, you can sort the listings by university, program name, degree offered, and country. Hotlinks are provided to the relevant program pages.