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Finding Conflict Studies Text Books

Places to Purchase Books and Publications Online

Jossey-Bass Publications Conflict Resolution Series

Sage Publications (search on the word "conflict")

George Mason University's Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR)

Syracuse University Press Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution (go "books in print" ---> "series listing" --->"Syracuse Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution")

Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (Books from the Clearinghouse)

Australian Conflict Resolution Network's Manuals, Videos and Books

Society for Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR) Publications

Association for Conflict Resolution Bookstore

American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution

Association of American University Presses Online Catalog (Recommend searching on keywords)

Resolution Bookshop

Finding Books and Articles

Essential Readings in ADR (from Warters' Delphi Study)

Readings in Dispute Resolution: A Select Bibliography (by Catherine Morris, well-organized, a good place to start)

Info on Good General Purpose Mediation Training Manuals

List of Major Journals in the Field (from Nova Southeastern University)

Conflict Resolution Center International library

Restorative Justice Online Library

Conflict Resolution Information Source

Annotated Conflict Studies Bibliography (available from ICAR at George Mason University)

James B. Boskey's on-line reviews of dispute resolution literature, published in The Alternative Newsletter:
* March, 1999
* November, 1998
* July, 1998
* March, 1998
* November, 1997
* July, 1997

Links to Other Relevant Online Bibliographies

Academic Writing and Research on Negotiation-related Topics (compiled by WIN Squared Software) (provides many brief full-text articles, lots of other info too)