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You can use the Radio Locator to find college student radio, much of which is now streamed on the internet.

UWire provides a good aggregator of college newspaper stories.

Recent Academics News from UWire

  • Concerns linger after ?final? Harvard cheating scandal announcement
    02/05/2013 (from UWire)
    As Harvard sought to bookend its massive cheating investigation with an announcement last Friday, students implicated in the scandal said the new information raised more questions than it answered....
  • Editorial: Grades should be based on quality of work, not attendance
    01/14/2013 (from UWire)
    It would be hard to state our favorite movie of the 1980s. A leading contender on any list, however, surely is ?Ferris Bueller?s Day Off.?...
  • Can Michelle Rhee save American education?
    11/19/2012 (from UWire)
    Michelle Rhee is a lightning rod. Gwen Samuels, a former Head Start teacher and current education activist in Connecticut, knows what it is like to stand too close....
  • Editorial: Fisher v. U. Texas ? What?s at stake
    10/08/2012 (from UWire)
    The Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments Wednesday on Fisher v. U. Texas at Austin, a case that will re-examine the issue of affirmative action in the college admissions process....
  • Harvard scandal raises questions at other universities
    09/13/2012 (from UWire)
    Allegations of unprecedented cheating on a recent final exam has put Harvard University, and other schools, in a difficult position....
  • Penn State receives accreditation warning
    08/15/2012 (from UWire)
    The Middle States Commission on Higher Education issued Penn State President Rodney Erickson an accreditation warning on Aug. 8, according to a press release issued by the university....
  • UCF ranked No. 1 least rigorous school
    08/09/2012 (from UWire)
    U. Central Florida was ranked No. 1 least rigorous school in Newsweek?s recently released 2012 Best Colleges list. The list of the 25 least rigorous colleges included a list of schools where students found the workload easiest when normalized by the aptitude of the student body....
  • Column: Personal Finance 101
    08/07/2012 (from UWire)
    As the members of the Class of 2012 received their diplomas in June, they faced a job market with a 9.4 percent unemployment rate for degree holders and were expected to receive lower starting wages compared to those who graduated a decade ago, according to the Economic Policy Institute....