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Training Evaluation Tool #4: Mid-Training Evaluation

What Questions May be Addressed by this Measure?

This instrument is used to get a rough measure of the participants’ feelings about the training at around the mid-point of the training.

How Do I Use This Measure?

This tool is most useful for multi-day training sessions. Administer it near the end of the middle point of the training. For example, if training is a total of two (2) days, collect information at the end of the first day. You will want to think through issues of confidentiality.

How to score: These items are qualitative and should be reviewed for emergent patterns in the responses from the participants. Look for likes, dislike, and suggestions.

A note about Reliability and Validity: The instrument has some face validity.

What Information Will the Results Give Me?

Use the information to identify things that were frustrating to training attendees. Select those you can do something about and do it. For example, if there are complaints about the lack of breaks, review the remainder of your training schedule and juggle as needed so as to incorporate more or longer breaks. Let participants know what you intend to do. Those areas you are unable to do anything about (e.g., temperature, amount of material that needs to be covered), acknowledge the frustrations and offer explanations. Lastly, for things identified as positive, share this as well; it is always good to know what is going well.

Mid-Training Evaluation

Please add comments below each item.

Training Methods

a. Lectures - is the material being covered in a comprehensive and understandable manner?

b. Demonstrations - do the demonstrations help you understand the material presented in the lectures?

c. Exercises - do the exercises adequately provide you with the opportunity to practice skills that you are learning?


d. Are the trainers knowledgeable about the material?

e. Do they present the material in a manner suitable to your learning style?

f. Are there methods or approaches that should be stopped, started, or continued? Increased or decreased?


g. Are the training manuals adequate?

h. Are there subjects or skills that you would like to have more of? Less of?


i. Are the training facilities adequate?

j. Temperature?

k. Seating?

l. Break out rooms / spaces?

m. Comfortable?

Please make a list of things to:

Stop                                        Start                                       Continue