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Sample Faculty Senate Resolution


WHEREAS, mediation can create a better university community by improving the social and working climate for students, staff, faculty, and administrators; by helping to resolve conflicts and facilitate policy; by maintaining "good relationships between individuals and groups on campus and between the institution and the local community" (Warters, 1995); and by contributing to the recruitment and retention of students, staff and faculty, AND
WHEREAS, mediation offers a life-long learning experience both through involvement in the process and through awareness of its use, AND
WHEREAS, universities require flexibility and can benefit from a mediation process empowered to respond to and to resolve any conflicts that arise among the members of the university's diverse community, AND
WHEREAS, "developing and nurturing diversity and tolerance for differences is essential for campus survival" and "mediation provides a good vehicle for working through differences in a respectful manner,"(Warters, 1995), AND
WHEREAS, mediation as a means of conflict resolution supports the improvement of the primary issues of concern at Stephen F. Austin State University as defined by the ACE Project on Leadership and Institutional Transformation (Ace Project, 1996) in their September 1996 update, AND
WHEREAS, mediation is increasingly used in educational, business and personal settings to effectively resolve conflicts, AND
WHEREAS, the 75th Texas State Legislature passed Senate Bill 694, in which the legislature affirmed that "it is the policy of this state that disputes before state agencies be resolved as fairly and expeditiously as possible and that each state agency support this policy by developing and using alternative dispute resolution procedures in appropriate aspects of the agency's operations and programs," (S. Bill 694, 1997), AND
WHEREAS, the same said Senate Bill 694 defines state agencies to include institutions of higher education (S. Bill 694, 1997), AND
WHEREAS, mediation is provided as one method of alternative dispute resolution, as defined by the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code (Mediation, 1995)
BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate of Stephen F. Austin State University recommends that the goal of establishing campus mediation services and policies for all members of the university community be incorporated into the SFASU Commission of the Future Goals for 2003.

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Dr. Darrel McDonald, Chair, Faculty Senate