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Research and Program Evaluation Office

Program evaluation research is an important and sometimes undervalued task. Campus conflict resolvers should consider early on the potential benefits of doing program evaluation as part of their core activities.

Do you wish to start or expand a conflict resolution program on your campus?  Do you know if the service is needed?  Who should you target?  If you already have a program in place do you know whether things are being implemented as planned?  How many people do you serve with your conflict resolution program?  Are people satisfied with the results?

This section of our site is intended to address these types of questions and concerns in a practical and straightforward manner.

See our listing of Helpful Evaluation Resources and Tools.

View our very own Campus Mediation Program Evaluation Toolkit online.

This kit was developed by a team of campus mediators and experienced program evaluators. It is also available as a MS Word document - Evalpack.doc

Browse the Individual Tools

  1. Needs Assessment Tool #1: WHERE WOULD THEY GO? Case Examples
  2. Needs Assessment Tool #2: HotSpot Mapping of Conflict on Your Campus
  3. Needs Assessment Tool #3: Conflict Typology Matrix
  4. Needs Assessment Tool #4: Stakeholder Analysis Chart
  5. Needs Assessment Tool #5: Conflict Management Inventory
  6. Process Monitoring Tool #1: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Review
  7. Process Monitoring Tool #2: New Policy and Procedure Development
  8. Process Monitoring Tool #3: Structures of Responsibility
  9. Process Monitoring Tool #4: Internal Decision-Making Processes
  10. Summative Evaluation Tool #1: Case Characteristics
  11. Summative Evaluation Tool #2: Participant Characteristics
  12. Summative Evaluation Tool #3: Does Mediation Work?
  13. Training Evaluation Tool #1: Mediator Selection Checklist
  14. Training Evaluation Tool #2: Conflict Orientation Survey
  15. Training Evaluation Tool #3: Mediation Training Evaluation Survey
  16. Training Evaluation Tool #4: Mid-Training Evaluation
  17. Training Evaluation Tool #5: Mediation Role Play Checklist

See photos from our program evaluation packet development team meetings.