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Process Monitoring Tool #4: Internal Decision-Making Processes

What Questions May Be Addressed by This Measure?

This tool is designed to assist you in evaluating the internal dynamics of your own program. 

How Do I Use This Measure?

Below are suggested questions to use.  You may wish to consider using interviews, self-report, and/or individual self-reflection techniques to collect the information.  Be sure to address the issue of anonymity and confidentiality.

What Information Will the Results Give Me?

Information collected with help you assess the planning process currently being utilized in your program.  Insight related to priority setting efforts and the decision-making process pertaining to program implementation and development will suggest areas for refinement, modification, and change. 

Internal Decision-Making Processes

a.    What was the last procedure or policy that was implemented in your program?

b.    How were the decisions to implement this procedure or policy handled?

c.    How much consultation did the decision-maker do?

d.  With whom did the decision-maker consult?

e.  How do the other individuals working in the program feel about the process of decision-making?