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Process Monitoring Tool #2: New Policy and Procedure Development

What Questions May Be Addressed by This Measure?

This tool assesses the development of new work or issues in existing areas of work. 

How Do I Use This Measure?

Based on the above evaluation process or ongoing campus assessments of conflict, use the following questions to evaluate how you implement new procedures and policies.  You might want to consider having several individuals within your program answer the questions and then compare responses.  Be sure to address the issue of anonymity and confidentiality. 

What Information Will the Results Give Me?

Results will provide insight into how new policies are currently developed within your program. The information can be useful for clarifying how this is done and identifying procedures to change.

New Policy and Procedure Development

1.  Please list and describe any new or innovative procedures or policies that you have considered for implementation in the past year.

2.  Describe which procedures or policies were selected to implement.

3.  Describe your rationale for selecting those procedures or policies to implement first.

4.  What is the status of implementation for the selected procedures/policies?

5.  Describe your plan or time-line to implement the other procedures or policies at a later time.

NOTE:  Use Tool #1 to evaluate the policies and procedures associated with newly adopted programs or policies and to re-evaluate those programs or policies for future adaptation.