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Public Relations and Marketing Office

students with sign promoting site

The Public Relations Office is designed to provide support for programs and projects doing outreach in their campus communities. We provide materials that can help you quickly get up to speed with your marketing and networking activities. We also have materials to use when promoting the resources available at the website.

caught up in conflict posterYou will want to read Strategies for Outreach and Marketing for a detailed introduction to promoting your own campus conflict resolution efforts. Lots of good ideas in this one!

A Resource Center Outreach Kit is gradually being assembled as well. You can click on the items below to download various materials that we hope you'll put to good use. Help us spread the word about campus conflict resolution! Many of these files have space for you to add information on your own program before printing them up.

Note that most of these files are color, designed to be printed in small quantities on your inkjet printer, but they should be fine in black and white as well.

You might also appreciate viewing our various logo-branded items (magnets, hats, poster) found in the Welcome Center.