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Conflict Management in Higher Ed Report
Volume 4, Number 1, Oct. 2003

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Volume 6, Number 1

Volume 5, Number 1

Volume 4, Number 1

Volume 3, Number 3

Volume 3, Number 2

Volume 3, Number 1

Volume 2, Number 4

Volume 2, Number 3

Volume 2, Number 2

  • Online Workshop on Campus Mediation and Conflict Management Programs
  • CD-ROM: In All Respects
  • Webquest on the India/Pakistan Conflict
  • Book Review - Intergroup Dialogue: Deliberative Democracy in School, College, Community, and Workplace
  • Profile of the United States Institute for Peace Education Program
  • Conflict Studies Seminars for College and University Faculty
  • Quote about Conflict and Community
  • New Resources from
  • Book Review - A Darker Shade of Crimson: An Ivy League Mystery
  • Book Review - Student Resistance: A History of the Unruly Subject
  • Role Play - 'Joan and David' (a faculty/student dispute)

Volume 2, Number 1

Volume 1, Number 4

Volume 1, Number 3

Volume 1, Number 2

  • Book Review - Academic Controversy? Enriching College Instruction through Instructional Conflict
  • Book Review - Mending the Cracks in the Ivory Tower: Strategies for Conflict Management in Higher Education
  • Book Review - Truth and Consequences: How Colleges and Universities Meet Public Crisis
  • Book Review - Conflict Resolution: Theory, Research, and Practice
  • Book Review - He Looks too Happy to be an Assistant Professor: A Collection of Cartoons
  • Role Play - 'Sexual Harassment?' (a student/faculty dispute)

Volume 1, Number 1

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