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Conflict Management in Higher Ed Report
Volume 5, Number 1, Sept 2004

The Department Chair Online Resource Center

The American Council on Education has developed The Department Chair Online Resource Center that provides links to short but pragmatic articles, book excerpts, ACE Chair Siteand bibliographies designed to support the needs of departmental chairs. Main content areas covered are The Chair as Leader; The Chair and Faculty; Resource Management; and Legal Issues. Of particular interest to our readers is the section on Working with Individual Faculty Members: The Challenge of Departmental Conflict, which is found near the bottom of their section on Building a High Quality Department.

Currently available full-text documents include:

“Dealing with Challenging Faculty.” (131KB; PDF) .
Academic Leader 18, no. 10 (October 2002): 1+.

Connell, Mary Ann, Ann H. Franke, and Barbara A. Lee. "Lessons to Be Learned and Practical Advice for Managing Conflict in the Academy" . From Nobody Said This Was Going to Be Easy: Legal and Managerial Challenges for Department Chairs and Other Academic Administrators. Originally prepared for Stetson University Law School conference on law and higher education, February 2001.

Higgerson, Mary Lou. “Managing Conflict” (357KB; PDF).
In Communications Skills for Department Chairs, 139-149. Bolton, MA: Anker, 1996.

Higgerson, Mary Lou and Susan S. Rehwaldt. “Statics, Tensions and Abrasions” (285KB; PDF).
In Complexities of Higher Education Administraiton: Case Studies & Issues, by Mary Lou Higgerson and Susan S. Rehwaldt, 19-33. Bolton, MA: Anker, 1993.

Holton, Susan A. “Academic Mortar to Mend the Cracks: The Holton Model for Conflict Management” (269KB; PDF). In Mending the Cracks in the Ivory Tower: Strategies for Conflict Management in Higher Education, 221-238. Bolton, MA: Anker, 1998.

McDaniel, Thomas R. “Dealing with Department Chair Detractors: Strategies that Succeed” (172KB; PDF). The Department Chair 12, no. 4 (spring 2002): 13-15.

Meadows, Mark. “Understanding the Complexities and Dynamics of Conflict” (42KB; PDF). Academic Leader 19, no. 2 (February 2003): 4–8.

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