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Conflict Management in Higher Ed Report
Volume 4, Number 1, Oct 2003

New Technical Enhancements

Technology marches ever forward, and the Conflict Management in Higher Education Resource Center is keeping pace. Over the summer we have developed important new additions to the Clearinghouse that should prove useful as we move into the future. Most new tech items are linked to the new start page.

"MyCampusADR" Flash-based Desktop

We have JUST released for beta-testing our new "MyCampusadr" interface to some of the key resources. The project runs on a different server than our main site (.net rather than .org), and provides jumping off links to it and ways to save your favorite locations at in "file folders" arranged by topic. The system depends on users being registered as a subscriber to the Report or the website to keep track of your favorites. It also requires that you have the free Flash Player (version 6) installed.

In addition to saving your campus-adr favorites, current features include the ability to:

  • play video clips and audio clips found in our collection
  • read our various newsfeeds online
  • view an online calendar that highlights dates with activity happening on them
  • use a calculator for quick answers

At the moment, there is no "help" feature. Your best strategy is to click around on the different objects on the desktop and just see what happens. A key piece of information is that most display windows or "mini-apps" can be closed using a small button with an "x" on it.

News Feeds

The Campus Conflict Resolution Resources website (the parent site of the Conflict Management in Higher Education Report) now provides several distinct "news feeds" that you can add to a desktop or web-based reader/aggregator and then monitor easily for changes and new items. The feeds are currently refreshed daily and change whenever new items are added. For the technically-minded, we are using the RSS 1.0 standard. The available feeds (and their addresses) include:

Feature Articles in the CMHER Report rss feed tag

Higher Ed ADR Events Calendar Listings rss feed tag

Higher Ed ADR Opportunities Calendar Listings rss feed tag

Resources Recently Added to Site rss feed tag

Bill Warters' Ed Tech-oriented Weblog rss feed tag

Educational Technology Web Log

I have recently joined the growing number of people using "web logs" or "blogs" to post their thoughts on an amazingly broad range of interests, and to share small items of interest in a place where they can be easily retrieved later. My own effort, known as the "Campus-adr Tech Blog", is currently mainly a place where I point out new interesting tools and trends I am noticing in my web searches and discussions relating to conflict resolution and educational technology. The postings to the site are divided into the following categories.

Conflict Resolution
Fun Stuff
Learning Objects
Research Tools
Tech News

As time permits I will be using the platform to enhance the interactivity of the site by creating topical "blogs" for groups of users. Do drop by sometime, or even consider "subscribing" to my tech blog by adding it to your news readers.

Searchable Index of Student, Staff, and Faculty Policy Handbooks

We completed our first round of development on a searchable index of staff, student and faculty policy handbooks from all the major universities that have posted theirs online. The system indexes close to 1000 Higher Education Institution's pdf or web-based policy handbooks, and then permits you to do keyword searches on the handbooks, to see for instance how other institutions are handling their grievance policies and the integration of mediation into these systems.

We're excited by all the new tools available for online cooperation and information sharing, and plan to continue to enhance and expand's capabilities well into the future. We hope you come along for the ride!


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