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Volume 3, Number 3, May 2003

Mock Mediation Roleplay #11 (continued)

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The Honor Student Blues


Pat is attending Our State University, majoring in Physical Therapy. S/he has always been a sports enthusiast and dreams of one day owning her/his own physical therapy practice for sports injuries. S/he didn't worry too much about what schools s/he would apply to, because when s/he graduates, her/his family can afford to help her/him start a practice; s/he just has to get the degree.

Because Pat's core classes are not advanced, they don't require as much of a time commitment, thus enabling her/him to pursue her/his sports more. Pat's two favorite sports are tennis and running. Both sports require long endurance, so Pat spends a lot of time at the Fitness Center. S/he has become acquainted with most of the staff and many of the regulars who are there on an almost daily basis. Over the last few weeks, Pat has tried to restructure her/his routine. For example, because of the run-ins that s/he has had with Jo, s/he practices her/his backhand swing from 2pm to 3pm when Jo is at the fitness center. But s/he doesn't understand why Jo is making such a big deal over the tennis ball anyway. S/he's hitting the ball as soft as s/he can, and if it isn't damaging the wall, it can't be making that much noise and disturbing her/him that much. Also, when Jo complained that s/he makes too much noise while getting dressed for her/his morning run, s/he tried to explain that some of the drawers on her/his dresser stick, as well as the closet door. S/he began telling Jo that s/he has complained to the head of maintenance for the residence hall, but Jo just flew off the handle and stomped away.

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