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Volume 3, Number 3, May 2003

Mock Mediation Roleplay #11 (continued)

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The Honor Student Blues

Jo's Information

Jo is attending Our State University on a very generous scholarship. S/he applied to four universities, three being outside of the State, and had hoped to attend one of those. Unfortunately, Our State University was the only one out of three that offered enough financial support that would allow her/his parents to be able to afford any extra help that would be needed. Jo is carrying a full load of honor classes and works very hard to maintain the necessary GPA in order to keep the scholarship. Besides going to the Fitness Center to work out four days a week (to work off stress and tension), Jo spends all available time in classes or studying either at the library or in her/his dorm room.

Over the last four weeks, Jo has been really tense over two major projects due in two of her/his classes. Trying to keep up with her/his regular class work, plus find time to put in the necessary work for the projects to get a good grade, s/he has been sleeping less and cut her/his fitness time down to two days a weeks. Jo's schedule is very strict. S/he attends classes from 8am - 1:30pm and 4pm - 5pm, and was working out from 2pm - 3pm four days a week. At the time that s/he dropped two of her/his workout days, s/he also changed the time of her/his workout for the other two days. Now s/he works out from 8pm - 9pm and from 2pm - 3pm s/he comes back to the dorm for a short nap.

Lately, Jo has been really annoyed with Pat, the next door resident. Pat, a sports athlete has been very inconsiderate of the other residents on the floor. S/he plays tennis and practices her/his backhand swing by hitting a tennis ball against the wall that s/he shares with Jo. S/he runs every morning at 5am and slams drawers and doors while getting dressed. Since Pat's room is at the end of the hall and s/he only shares one wall, which is with Jo, Jo did consider that Pay may not be aware of her/his disturbances, and has attempted to speak to her/him several times. Each attempt has ended in harsh words and heightened attitude. Now Jo feels that Pat is past being rude and disturbs her/him out of spite and pettiness.

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