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Conflict Management in Higher Ed Report
Volume 3, Number 3, May 2003

New Audio & Video
Clips Available
at now features online media clips that can be useful as discussion or training tools. Enhancements in technology have allowed the Campus-adr team to digitize older video and audio clips that were taped years ago and were teetering close to "extinction." We're pleased to be able to make these items available online with the permission of the respective owners. The clips include the following:

West Virginia University Teleconference Videos

RA and Hall DirectorFeatured in a 1989 teleconference sponsored by West Virginia University and hosted by Howard Gadlin and Janet Rifkin, these short simulations depict conflicts within the higher educational context that might be appropriate for mediation. Examples include: a Fraternity Conflict, a Roommate Conflict, a multiparty Faculty/Student Conflict involving sexual harassment, and a Residence Life conflict with potential racial overtones. The clips are available online for readers to view and discuss.

Conflict Resolution and Peaceful Progressive Change: A Guest Presentation Series

Ace of CupsIn 1984 whilst completing his BA in Conflict Resolution at UC Santa Cruz, Dr. William (Bill) Warters organized and taught his first for-credit academic course. The course was entitled Conflict Resolution and Peaceful Progressive Change, and it included a series of Friday lectures that were open to the public. These lectures were recorded and are now available via the internet as mp3 files.

Allwyn Hall Video Clips

Roommate argumentMany of our readers may have already seen or used the Allwyn Hall skill training CD Rom developed by Martha Harty at Carnegie Mellon University as part of a FIPSE grant. The basic scenario puts the viewer in the role of a Resident Assistant who's goal is to try to be helpful using a three-step problem-solving model that closely resembles mediation. With Dr. Harty's permission, we have posted several of the opening clips that are used to set up the scenarios. They are posted here: Allwyn Hall Video Clips. The original CD is available for order here.


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