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Conflict Management in Higher Ed Report
Volume 3, Number 3, May 2003

Teaching Human Rights
Online Case Library

New technology for on-line text exchange and videoconferencing creates unique opportunities for both individualized and group based problem solving exercises between students of different cultures. Teaching Human Rights Online (THRO) seeks to improve ethical reasoning and cross cultural communication for undergraduate students in philosophy, history, political science, psychology, international relations, and women’s studies; professional classes in law, education and business; as well as high school social studies.

The service provides:

  • Critical thinking exercises for individual learning
  • Collaborative problem solving assignments for student teams
  • Conferencing tools for international education online

Among its many features, THRO maintains an online Case Library which serves up outlines of international human rights cases. Some of the cases include President Clinton's response to Kosovo, rape and genocide in Rwanda, and Prime Minister Rao's Dilemma. The founders of THRO believe that users will benefit from case-based teaching because it "requires students to shift from passive reading and memorization to active learning and problem solving."

Teaching Human Rights Online is a project of the University of Cincinnati and is open to the public.


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