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Conflict Management in Higher Ed Report
Volume 3, Number 3, May 2003

Brick or Clicks? An Online
Negotiation Simulation is an online learning tool that features a java-enabled negotiation simulation. The simulation was developed by the Kellogg Case Simulation Team, Knowledge Dynamics, and the Powersim Corporation for the Kellogg Graduate School of Management's 2002 Digital Frontier Conference.

The simulation uses market models and "intelligent agents" to provide participants with varied feedback based on their game choices. Users are placed into the role of a toy manufacturer CEO providing a simulated "real world" experience in business negotations. The premise of the simulation is to confront the challenges of launching an online sales channel while managing and maintaining the companies current traditional sales channels.

Situations such as determining budget allocations, negotiating deals, and taking risks all serve the purpose of giving the user a "hands-on" experience that traditional case studies frequently lack.

The case is freely available online at The simulation was built for systems with a web browser that supports Java JDK 1.1.5 and which are running either Windows95, 98, NT, or 2000 The developers note that the Applet may run on other systems, but they have not been tested.


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