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Volume 3, Number 2, February 2003

Campus for Peace

In response to the International Year of the Culture of Peace decreed by UNESCO, the Universitat Oberta has agreed the creation of the Campus for Peace, a project which will try to place information and communications technologies at the service of co-operation, solidarity, literacy, sustainability, humanitarian aid and peace.

The The Campus for Peace (C4P) website is part of the development co-operation program of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) through which the institution acts as a co-operation agent. It contributes knowledge, resources and technical abilities, and co-ordinates, channels and supports the activities of the university community, according to its principle of an ethical commitment to society. The Campus for Peace serves as a technological platform that enables users to implement various online projects such as:

    • Communications Tools: Through these tools, organizations can inform the C4P community of the nature of their entity and activities and projects, and exchange information and knowledge (chats, forums, notice-board, distribution lists, and so on).
    • Work Tools: Work groups are an essential tool for on-line work thanks to the transverse nature of the latter, which facilitates synergies and multi-disciplinary work within the same organisation and between the members of the community.
    • User Tools. Users of the C4P community have a number of tools for personal use (mailbox, file space and favourites), related to the community (directory and chat) and allowing access to environments proper to work (classrooms and work groups).
    • Under a common user interface, it integrates all the necessary tools and applications for the management of distance training programs.
    • It offers guidance concerning the courses' structure and requirements.
    • Training Projects: Projects in which the objective, or the basic means of its fulfilment, is training. They are projects for which virtualization represents an added value.

    • Information Management:Allows users to manage their organization's knowledge & information systems.
    • "Web-centric" Organization: Managing the entity and its projects through the web, with no limitations of time or space.
    • Networking: Communication, dialogue, and debate are facilitated by the platform.

Because the platform is administered through three different languages (Catalan, Spanish, and English), it serves to facilitate exchange with entities working in the international sphere.

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