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Volume 2, Number 4, July 2002

Recently Found in the Periodicals

Chanda, R. (2001). Mediating University Sexual Assault Cases. Harvard Negotiation Law Review 6.

In this article, Chanda argues that mediation is superior to criminal prosecution and university hearings for resolving sexual assault cases.

DiNardo, L.C., Sherrill, J.A. & Palmer, A.R. (2001). Specialized ADR to Settle Faculty Employment Disputes. Journal of College and University Law 28(1): 129-152.

A version of ADR is proposed for resolving faculty employment disputes. A suggested model for the use of ADR in tenure-related decisions would include, among other things, the incorporation of the arbitration agreement within the standard faculty contract or faculty handbook.

Farrell, E.F. (June 20, 2002). Mount Holyoke and Alumnae Group End Dispute Over Annual Fund. The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Lively, K. (May 25, 2001). A Messy Fight Over Money Divides Mount Holyoke. Who Owns the Annual Fund: The College or Its Alumni? The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Paine, A.C. (2002, June). A Place to Work Things Out: Oberlin College Dialogue Center Uses Cutting-Edge Technique. Around the Square.

The Oberlin College Dialogue Center (OCDC) began operating in the fall of 2001. To date, the OCDC has helped 17 students, faculty members and employees resolve disputes. This article discusses the OCDC, and its "cutting-edge theory of mediation that incorporates the philosophy and theory of social justice".

This article can be read online at

Paul, N.C. (2002, June 4). Honoring the Code. Christian Science Monitor.

The University of Virginia uses an honor system that mandates the expulsion of any student found guilty of lying, cheating or stealing. Supporters of the, which is one of the oldest in the country, argue that the system encourages honor and respect. However, many deem the code as harsh, unfair and in need of change. Calls for change come after a recent investigation, in which 120 students were accused of plagiarizing the same paper in the same course. In this article, Paul examines the honor system by interviewing University of Virginia students and staff.

Schmitz, S.J. (2001). What Should We Teach in ADR Courses?: Concepts and Skills for Lawyers Representing Clients in Mediation. Harvard Negotiation Law Review 6.

Van Der Werf, M. (August 16, 2001). Mount Holyoke College and Alumnae Association Resolve Dispute Over Contributions. The Chronicle of Higher Education.
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