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Volume 2, Number 3, May 2002

Mock Mediation Roleplay #7 (continued)

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Borrowed and Busted (a student dispute)

Your neighbor in the dorm, Terry, has been a real pain lately. She is always hassling you about stuff. Nothing is good enough for her. For example she is all the time complaining about the noise, when you have some of your friends over in the evening, even though no one else on the floor seems to mind. You aren't trying to give her a hard time, but you get tired of being bugged, especially the way Terry handles it; she acts as though you're really inferior.

Last week you needed a library book. The librarian said it was checked out to Terry. She wasn't around, but Phil her roommate found it for you on Terry's desk. After you reminded Phil that Terry has often let you borrow her things, Phil said she guessed you could borrow the book for a few hours. You put the book on your bookshelf and went to supper. When you returned 1 1/2 hours later, the book was gone and a clay sculpture you purchased in Mexico several years ago lay broken on your desk. You knew right away who had done it.

Upset, you went over and knocked on Terry's door. But when she saw who it was, she just told you to "cool it!" and slammed the door in your face. Since then you haven't spoken.
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