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Volume 2, Number 3, May 2002

Mock Mediation Roleplay #7 (continued)

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Borrowed and Busted (a student dispute)

You're really tired of the hassles caused by your neighbor, in the dormitory, Chris. Chris is a big partyer, and several nights a week he and his friends play loud music and talk and laugh until late in the evening -- to midnight or even 1 A.M. On several occasions you have gone over and knocked on his door, asking him to keep the noise down. 15 minutes later, the volume is blaring again. You have an early morning paper route to pay your college bills and need to be asleep by 10 P.M. Sunday through Thursday nights.

Chris also borrows your things, which is OK with you, but he doesn't return things to your room (your tennis racket, for example). When you get items back they are dirty (popcorn popper).

Last week you were finishing a major paper. You needed a book which you checked out of the library and you couldn't find it anywhere. After searching your whole room, you had a sudden idea. You went over to Chris' room and, sure enough, there it stood on his bookshelf. Irritated, you yanked it down. Another book fell from the shelf and landed on a little pottery trinket below on the desk. You were in a hurry and quite mad at Chris, so you left the broken pieces there.

An hour later, Chris banged on your door. When you opened it, he began swearing at you. When he refused to let you explain, you slammed the door in his face after telling him to come back to talk after he'd cooled down.
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